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“Excellence in the delivery of interpreting services is contingent upon the pursuit of lifelong learning…The integrity of RID certification requires this commitment.”

ORID members receive free processing of CEUs for:

  • Workshop Sponsorship - for those giving a workshop who want to offer CEUs for attendees
  • Academic Coursework (college classes) 
  • PINRA - attending a workshop, conference or training that isn’t RID sponsored

For PINRA and Workshop Sponsorship CEUs, it’s necessary to get prior approval from a CMP sponsor. Academic Coursework can be submitted at any time during the CMP cycle without prior approval.

Academic coursework earns 1 CEU for each class credit on the quarter system and 1.5 CEUS for each class credit on the semester system. PINRAs earn .1 CEUs per hour of training.

Workshop Sponsorship: Complete the following form at least 45 days prior to event

Academic Coursework (AC): Accepted at any time

  • AC Google Doc Form
  • Syllabus or course description and proof of accreditation of college or university
  • Copy of grade report or transcript showing a final grade of C or better

PINRA: Complete the following form at least 15 days prior to event and submit proof of attendance within 7 days after the event

  • PINRA Google Doc Form
  • Brochure, flyer or other information that shows topic, goals, agenda or hours of training
  • Proof of attendance- submitted within 7 days of the completion of event

MishCMP Coordinator
Mish Ktejik

CMP Coordinator Mish Ktejik MA, NIC, SC:L

Mish has been interpreting since 2004 when she began volunteering as a student at UW-Milwaukee under the watchful eye of a supportive and warm Deaf community. One thing led to another and she graduated from Gallaudet University in 2009 with an MA degree in Linguistics and an MA degree in Interpretation. Certified since 2009, Mish mostly worked as a freelance interpreter in DC/MD/VA area until moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2013. 
Mish is currently teaching full time in the Sign Language Interpreting Program at Portland Community College. She is passionate about learning, teaching, and having a positive impact on the ASL community. She has a wide variety of interests and her mind is constantly spinning with new ideas and projects. 

If you have CMP questions, you can reach Mish at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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