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ORID Welcomes New Board Members

Please welcome our new board members and express our gratitude to those stepping down.

Andrew Weaver (Portland) is our new Vice President. He was previously and still is active on the website committee. He is full of ideas and is challenging me to do some new things (vlogs) since our site can handle those now. He replaces Lydia Pickard who was a long time board member with incredible ideas and an eye for detail. She will remain actively involved with the workshop committee.

Sarah Hill (Monmouth) is our new Secretary. She is a transplant from the East Coast and is experiencing Oregon and all its beauty. Already her perspective is fresh and new and I look forward to working with her. She replaces Tina McDaniel. Tina’s spunk and playfulness will be missed. She did a great job as secretary.

Lori Salus (Corvallis)is our new MAL (Member at Large #2). Lori had expressed interest in the past of becoming more involved in ORID and this year was the year to make it happen. She has a great perspective as well. She replaces Jean Miller. Jean’s ability to see all sides of a situation/concern/idea is truly amazing. She sees in color whereas I see in black and white. I depended on her to chime in and reel me back in when we needed to see or discuss more. To those who are exiting – THANK YOU! To those who accepted new positions - WELCOME!

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