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ORID General Meeting May 2016



May 7, 2016
ORID General Meeting
Social hour: 11a
Meeting start time: 11:57a
Broadway Coffee- Mexico Room
18 people in attendance

Board members present: Susie Friberg, Lindsay Meyer, Lori Salus, Jessica Van Winkle, Sarah Hill

Absent Board members: Andrew Weaver

1.    Review minutes- minutes accepted contingent upon spelling errors being corrected.

2.    ORID Board Reports:

a.    Jessica – Budget report

  1. ORIDs current bank statement holds $23,869. 92, net income was -3.329.69. ORID will need to earn more money in order to monetarily support members or hire presenter.

  2. Members asked about ~$1,600 fee for tax prep. Was explained because of our filing status that a CPA needed to be hired. ORID is given a discounted rate due to our 501C3 status. Hiring a professional keeps our status and in compliance with submitting an annual report to National RID.  

  3. Suggested that the next treasurer perhaps research other banking options and tax filing rates.

  4. Deaf Talks presentations brought in $90.00, Mel/Ed legal workshop earned $420.91, Breanna’s workshop had about 15 people, no total $ given.

b.    Lindsay- Report

  1. Monies for WOU ITP students have been dispersed. Student representative from PCC has not contacted Lindsay for the money. Stipulation was that the student would contact ORID rather than ORID follow up.

  2. Student member in the audience will follow up with PCC representative.

c.    Susie- Report

  1. OEM is working on 3 tasks in an effort to enhance emergency response and providing access: compile a list of interpreters specific to their locations, compile a list of ASL specific interpreting agencies, and identify potential trainings that OEM can provide and that ASL Interpreters can be a part of. Waiting for OEM to contact ORID/OAD about dates for those trainings.

  2. OAD had a meeting with Chestnut Lane administrators. The results and reactions to that wasn’t clear, will changes happen and how did admin perceive the meeting?

  3. Region V conference in July in AZ- NAD is handling most of the details; RID president will be in attendance.

  4. RID/NAD updates- The two organizations are currently engaged in mediation on how to separate from one another. Current CPC is coauthored by both entities. NIC will presumably be offered again starting July 1st.  A new certification test is currently being developed. National RID’s goal is to keep spending at $0. There will be no face to face on site meetings, all meetings held remotely.

d.    Sarah- Report

  1. Mentoring- Mel has spoken with individuals at WOU and PCC and most people are on board as far as interest in mentoring.

  2. Mel is willing to be a part of something that is started by members of ORID but is not sole person responsible for mentoring in Oregon. If ORID members want to establish mentoring groups or workshops, Mel is willing to be a part of that, but there is no formal plan to have a specific style of mentoring or plan for activities currently.

e.    Mish- Report

  1.  Mish took over for Ashley 4 months ago. In that time frame the workshop committee has held 6 workshops.

  2.  2 big workshops are planned for the fall.

  3. Wink will be presenting at a workshop in South Medford in the fall, ESD k-12 interpreters requested this presenter.

  4. Workshop committee’s approach is to ask local communities what is wanted/needed and ORID will support them, rather than make plans for them, make plans with them.

  5. Workshop committee is looking for one more volunteer.

  6. On average most workshops have about 15 participants.

  7.  It was decided there would be no summer workshops held.

3.    Voting for new board positions. Jenna, Jessica, Jake, Christina, and Lindsay all gave a few remarks about their intentions for running for their respective board positions. Members voted via paper ballots. All nominees for each position sent in a bio and picture which was displayed on the Powerpoint presentation.

4.    Old Business:  currently none

5.    New Business- New Motions

  1. Read by Susie Friberg

  1. Motion #1 As a current dues-paying RID and Oregon RID member, I would like to make the motion that Oregon RID pay for an ORID board representative to attend the RID Region V Conference in partnership with NAD on July 5-9, 2016.  Costs include hotel, up to $1000 and early bird registration costs of up to $300 or a sum of $1300.  Receipts of all transactions will be provided to the Oregon RID’s Treasurer upon return from the conference.

  2. 2nd by Christina H

  3. Favor: 10. Oppose: 0. Abstain: 0

  4. Motion passes

   b. Next three motions are all submitted by CM Hall

1. Motion #2 Scholarship for Testing in Exchange for Service

Objective: Establish a service payback scholarship to cover the cost of taking the RID or EIPA performance exam.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligible applicants must meet all these criteria and submit proof:

·       Applicant must be an Oregon resident (must submit copy of ID)

·       Applicant must be a dues-paying Oregon RID and national RID member for a minimum of one year prior to applying for performance test (regardless of which test you are applying for—either EIPA or RID Performance, should that come back online)

·       The applicant cannot have previously held EIPA or RID certification

·       If applying for the RID Performance, must submit proof of passing written within last 5 years.

·       Even if applicant does not pass the exam, they commit to serving the organization.


·       The scholarship recipient must commit to holding an ORID board or committee leadership position for a 2-year term or pay back the amount of the scholarship within 3 years.

·       Establish a committee to review applications. (I will happily volunteer myself to serve as chair.)

·       Applications can be accepted throughout the year but will be reviewed in October and April annually.

·       Two scholarships of up to $400 each will be awarded. Checks will be written to RID or Boystown (EIPA).

2. Motion #3 to Oregon RID Board: Establish Hardship Fund for Emergencies


To provide financial assistance to support an ORID member experiencing a loss—to help alleviate expenses and to lessen the loss, the pain of loss, and the hardship of life’s emergencies

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligible recipients must meet all these criteria:

·       Recipient must be an Oregon resident

·       Recipient must be a dues-paying Oregon RID and national RID member within the last year in order to be considered for funds

·       Recipient needing financial support who is experiencing immediate familial loss or expenses due to severe illness


·       Establish a committee to review requests (I will happily volunteer myself to serve as chair.)

·       Applications can be accepted on an as needed basis throughout the year

·       Funds from ORID would be limited, up to $250.

·       Total possible funds can be no more than $1000 annually

·       Other crowdsourcing mechanisms may be promoted on ORID’s social media outlets

·       Members can request funds confidentially via email or in person through a Hardship Fund committee member.

·       A current ORID member can also nominate someone in need of financial assistance.

·       Anyone can make a tax-deductible contribution to ORID to support these efforts.

4. Motion #4 to Oregon RID Board: Establish Benevolent Fund for Emergencies


To provide interpreting services for community events not covered by the ADA and in order to pay the interpreter a fee and no cost to the Deaf or hearing consumer

Event Eligibility Criteria:

·       Funeral services

·       Established 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations with less than $200,000 budgets can request for events when Deaf participants have RSVP’d for non-ticketed events (where no purchase is necessary)


·       Establish a committee to review requests (I will happily volunteer myself to serve as chair.)

·       Requests can be accepted on an as-needed basis throughout the year

·       Total possible funds paid out can be no more than $1500 annually

·       Funds will be distributed as a stipend/flat amount at the rate of $30/hour for the event

·       Funds can only be distributed to interpreters who are current ORID dues-paying members

·       Requests should be regionally-diverse across Oregon

·       Anyone can make a tax-deductible contribution to ORID to support these efforts.

Discussion:  There was much discussion with the three motions.  The membership overall supported the motions but had many questions about logistics.  Discussion surrounding feasibility, fiscal responsibility, how to make it a committee of more than one, would there be an annual fundraiser to raise monies, and pay back in committee service vs monetary (which is better) were some topics brought up.

Motion to table remaining motions to next general meeting: Lindsay Meyer

Second: Mish Ktejik
Favor: 12
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 1
Motion to table motions passes
Motions will be reviewed at the next membership meeting in the Fall

Elections 2016-17

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL: Christina Healy

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

President: Jenna Curtis


Deaf Talks Tues 5/10

Congrats and thank you for service to Susie (president), Jessica (Treasurer), and Lindsay (MAL)

Starting 5/9 members can renew membership online for 2016-17

Meeting adjourned: 1:37pm

July 2016 Newsletter
New Board Positions Selected


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