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National Conference - NOLA #2

Monday, August 10, 2015

Plenary Session: Social Justice

Some powerful stories this morning related to social justice from different avenues of impact.  I'm still processing the session itself, but it reinforced the privilege piece of human life.  Some people have a lot of privilege and other are limited.  One comment that struck me was if I have a choice I have privilege. I have not thought of it from that perspective before.  Good stuff.  

CPC Committee Revision Meeting

Wow!  Again this group is doing some phenomenal work.  They have some recommendations for the Board to consider and those were discussed.  They are suggesting that the committee become a task force and have more time to sieve out the information collected thus far and continue with their work. I would encourage all members to respond to their surveys or request for information.  Only about 12% of RID members and 3% of NAD members responded to the initial survey.  Take aways: recommendation to add tenant related to Social Media and Agencies.  Also, a very rich discussion about having our profession using an ethics based or rule based code.  Do we include our values and human rights or stick to rules?  You can get updates and information on their website.  Go to and search CPC committee. 

ORID Welcomes New Board Members
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