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National Conference - NOLA

Hey there Oregon interpreters! 

Saturday, August 8, 2016

I'm here at NOLA.  This morning were 2 great plenary sessions.  The first discussed findings about the standards of Educational Interpreters and their state requirements.  Some great information. I hope that you were one of the 465 interpreters who joined via streaming. 

The second spoke about preparing interpreters for tomorrow.  What the trends are and what can we possibly foresee in the future.  Both were informative and interesting.

Executive Director Search

The committee itself is doing amazing work and the process is laid out well. (In my opinion)  After surveying RID members, requesting RID Board and HQ staff input, the committee has a clear picture of what RID needs.  In the process the committee will do an initial screening of applicants and provide a final list to the board who will then decide.  Questions surrounding how members might be able to see final candidates and provide input were discussed.  The committee is receptive to feedback and input.  One thing that I found interesting is the current position for Exec. Directors, or how long he/she stays with an organization is 5 years.  Keep that in mind when a new person is selected and when they choose to leave as well.  

NAD/RID Town Hall

The big news here was the moratorium on all testing.  Check out ORID on facebook to get that information.  It is complete.  If you have any questions, you can contact me directly.  

Sunday, August 9, 2016

Plenary Session: Incorporating another Language into your work...

Amazing workshop which highlighted bi/tri lingual consumers and interpreters.  How culture, language and the sort apply to our work. 

Certification Committee meeting

This meeting was very productive.  Some rumors that had started from the day before were squelched and a few more details were provided.  I want to take this moment to say that the use of the words "risk assessment" sound scarey but it is business lingo for reviewing an area to see what our options are for improvement, if there is improvement needed.  Some examples of what the risk assessment will delve into are: the testing system as a whole, financial implication good/bad, legal matters, legislation, governance, etc.  The risk assessment is to be completed by Nov. 1, 2016.  After review, the Board and the Certification Committee will have a better picture of the needs that need to be addressed.  ALSO, if anyone is up against the clock on taking the test, it was made VERY CLEAR that no one is going to get screwed.  HQ staff were advised to make the right decision. 




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