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Membership Meeting Minutes 8/25/2017

Membership Meeting Minutes



Tillamook People’s Utility


Board members in attendance

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Audrey Loudenback

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy

MAL #2: Laurielle Aviles


Approval of spring meeting minutes

  • Minutes should only be voted on by those who were in attendance, otherwise abstain

  • Christina moves to approve the minutes, Tara seconds, passed


Board reports

  • President

    • Board retreat took place 10:00a-3:30p (discussed further below in priorities)

      • Discussed Strength in Unity pledge which the Board signed together and will consciously incorporate those principles in everyday interactions

    • ORID hosted 2 livestream locations for the RID conference spurring in-depth and thoughtful discussions

      • Structure was modified this year with a short presentation then small groups with a facilitator working to develop strategic recommendations

      • Many ideas exchanged that could directly affect ORID and how ORID can better serve the community

    • Region V conference

      • Mish is chairing the conference with WSRID and ORID presidents

      • Emails have been sent regarding applying for a committee chair position and then people can contact chairs to  join as a member of a committee. Applications due August 31st

      • Conference will be held in Vancouver, Washington

  • Vice President

    • Attended RID national conference through ITOC (Interpreters and Translators of Color) and valued the experience

    • Have 2 new co-chairs to help run the Membership Committee, Alissa and Darcie

  • Treasurer

    • Final numbers for the fiscal year came out slightly positive, roughly $300, for the first time in 3 years

      • This is a suitable amount to maintain as ORID is a non-profit organization and was still able to make donations

      • Next year should see a reduction in accounting fees as Treasurer take over work from the CPA

  • Secretary

    • Ran OAD booth at annual conference\DeafFest, providing opportunity to connect ORID with Deaf community

    • Attended RID conference full of rich discussion and honored to have the opportunity

  • MAL 1

    • Recently held a wrap up meeting with the graduating senior student representatives who are excited about being involved and their work this year

    • Planning a meeting to discuss with professors how students can become class representatives to ORID

    • Partnering with OAD for Deaf advocacy work specifically in medical settings at this time

  • MAL 2

    • Currently running a call out for logo submissions for Region V conference looking for any design ideas and thus far have no submissions


Board priorities

  • 2016 survey provided information for priorities

    • Newsletter includes a report of items on each priority

    • 5 committees as well as the student representative group are well established and functioning

      • With structure in place more volunteers have an way to participate allowing the Board more time to focus on bigger picture items

  • 2017 survey utilized to develop 2017-2018 priorities

    • 1. Foster member engagement and provide opportunities for professional development.

    • 2. Strengthen and develop relationships with various stakeholders.

    • 3. Investigate and influence policies and standards that elevate the interpreting profession in the state of Oregon

    • Implementation of above priorities

      • The licensure process will be researched by Legislative Committee

        • Committee will first only collect data and analyze models utilized in other states then report findings

        • OAD is interested in partnering

      • Will continue to offer workshops for professional development, work on engagement with members for networking

      • Connecting and working with new stakeholders (OHCIA, ODHHS, DHS, etc)

      • Discussions to take place around interpreting standards for those who place/request interpreters

      • Improve communication about what ORID is working on and what has been done


Committee reports

  • Workshop Committee

    • Nicole Harwood has come on board as new chair

    • Currently focused on the upcoming CDI training

    • Have been using PayPal as a means of registering and the expense has not been in projected workshop costs

      • May raise prices for workshops very minimally to nullify those expenses

  • K-12 Committee

    • On a break for the summer and will be resuming meetings in the fall

  • Communications Committee

    • Working on the 2nd biannual newsletter to come out in the fall prior to the next membership meeting

    • Rodney O’Neil is a student volunteer helping run Facebook group and page

  • Scholarship and Service Committee

    • EIPA/NIC scholarship awarded but not yet announced to recipient. Recipient will be informed around Labor Day.

    • The committee will meet again soon to further discusses the 2nd and 3rd scholarship details

  • Membership

    • New co-chairs will take on more responsibility for the committee beginning in October, and a thanks to Sarah and Carina for their work this year

    • Letters were sent to organizations to encourage more organizational memberships

      • Previously had one long standing organizational member and are now up to 5


New business

  • Motion proposal for RID to establish a taskforce to research impacts and feasibility of changing the name of RID

    • Reasons for

      • “Registry” does not match the current purpose of the organization

      • “For the Deaf” does not accurately represent that interpreters work with both hearing and Deaf clients

      • Common for national organizations to use “American” (APA, AMA, ADA, etc.)

      • RID is in a state of flux and seems an appropriate time to address a change

      • CIT recently sent out a survey for input into an organizational name change

    • Impacts of this would be great

      • Fiscal impact requires research

      • Some current legislation includes “RID”

        • Option to use “Doing Business As” (DBA) which allows RID as an organization to retain the use of the name “RID” for business purposes

      • Roll out plan would require time for the necessary changes to take place (ex. first year revise letterhead, website, second year…)

    • Task force performance

      • Develop separate website run by the task force to collect feedback and provide updates

      • Affiliate Chapter gather information from local stakeholders, send to region representative, send consolidated information to task force

      • Establish the space and the structure for the work to happen and trust that it will

      • Current motion does not include language on who and how many should be involved on the task force

        • There is a need for a diverse range of perspectives

        • The work involved in running this task force would require a great deal of volunteer hours. If a motion is made, ORID/WSRID would need to be accountable and have people ready to be involved and do the work rather than handing it off for RID to populate the group

    • Presentation to RID

      • WSRID strongly supports a name change and a motion made and seconded by 2 Affiliate Chapter Presidents may have more impact

      • If forwarded by ORID/WSRID, bring to the Region V conference for more discussion and feedback

      • Summer meeting is relatively small, better to bring to fall meeting with more membership involvement

        • Christina: I move to bring this motion to ORID membership at large to request support and feedback, Brenda second

        • Passes



  • Several bylaws changes in the works, many of which are grammar related as well as some edits to content and details to the running of the Board

  • Current bylaws state any motions to amend bylaws must be given to the Board 60 days prior to a vote

  • All members have the right to make a motion to amend the bylaws


Letter to DHS

  • Recent incident took place regarding inadequate interpreter services prompting review of of DHS policy, advocate involved with OAD requested ORID take a strong stance and sent messages to senators and DHS employees

    • Current policy permits using unqualified family, friends, and DHS employees as interpreters on a short-term or temporary emergency basis

    • ORID is sending a letter advocating for a revision in policy which would not permit the use of unqualified family, friends, or employees as interpreters in any situation

      • Could create more challenges for those in rural areas

      • Any interpreter regardless of qualification is not an improvement to having no interpreter

        • Any communication that affects the outcome of a situation necessitates the use of a qualified interpreter

      • Current policy allows agencies to not abide by best practices

      • Give time for membership to review and offer feedback

        • Membership elected the Board to respond to these kinds of issues, the delays caused submitting a draft for input would not allow ORID to effectively respond to concerns brought forward

        • Anytime membership disagrees with a Board decision that decision may be vetoed by a ⅔ majority vote




  • Tara move to close meeting, Jake seconds, passes

  • Meeting adjourned 6:40

Board Meeting Minutes 09/13/2017
Board Retreat Minutes 08/25/2017


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