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Membership Meeting Minutes 10/21/2017

Membership Meeting Minutes



Portland - PCC Cascade Campus


Board members in attendance

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Audrey Ramirez- Loudenback

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy

MAL #2: Laurielle Aviles


To view a recording of the meeting please click the following link:


It may take a while to load as it has all the information (slides, chat and video) from the online meeting room.



  • Approval of minutes from the August meeting in Tillamook

    • Tara: I move to approve the minutes from the January meeting. Christina Healy second

    • Passes


Board Reports

  • President

    • Region V Conference

      • Video from Paul Glaser:

      • Hosted at Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA on July 11-14th

      • There is currently an open call for presenters and the website is live:

      • Registration will open in January

  • Vice President

    • In the process of finding Deaf interpreters interested in scholarship funds available through an anonymous donor to attend the Region V conference

    • Supporting Membership Committee activities

    • Establishing an interpreters of color group within the Pacific NW region. Anyone interested should reach out

  • Treasurer

    • Currently have $27,131.47

    • The 2017/2018 budget is complete and may be requested by any member to view

    • More funds than were anticipated which means more flexibility to offer scholarships and funding to other groups

  • MAL 1

    • Planning to meet with PCC and WOU students to select student representatives for the next year

    • Last year received several complaints from the Deaf community regarding lack of knowledge surrounding working with Deaf individuals and interpreters

      • Planning to collaboratively work on educating individuals through town hall style forums

  • MAL 2

    • Running the Region V Conference Logo Committee and has selected a logo, this can be viewed on the website

    • Currently looking for ORID banner options

    • Developed the Board priorities flyer


Committee Reports

  • Workshops Committee

    • Nicole Harwood, new chair

    • Sent a survey out in the summer which is still available online requesting responses from people interested in presenting a workshop

    • Need more members involved in the committee, can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • Rupert Dubler held a workshop today and has the Deaf Interpreter Series up and running with the help of Hal Anderson for one section of the series

      • Today’s workshop focused on expanding the scope and practice of Deaf interpreters and builds a foundation for the November 5th workshop which will move into more practice scenarios

      • The Community Needs Assessment determined there was a greater needs for more Deaf interpreters in Oregon which this series is aimed at addressing

  • Membership Committee

    • Also in need of committee members, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • There are currently 120 ORID members

  • Communications Committee

    • Has mainly been working on sending out the biannual newsletter which was sent via email to all current ORID members

  • Scholarship and Service Committee

    • CM Hall and Lydia Pickard have stepped down as chairs but will act as advisors to, Jacob Hogan, Sarah Armstrong, and Brayen Brown who will co-chair

    • 3 areas of focus for the committee:

      • NIC/EIPA Scholarship

        • Will be working on fundraising for this soon

        • Scholarship recipient will donate time to ORID

        • First scholarship recipient is Cheryl Witters to take the NIC

        • The next round of applications are due December 1st

      • Benevolence/pro-bono fund

        • To provide interpreters for funeral services and events of this nature when people are unable to pay themselves

        • Details still being worked on

      • Hardship and emergency fund

        • Given to interpreters in times of a crisis

        • Details still being worked on

  • K-12 Committee

    • Committee took the summer off but it back to regular meetings now

    • Facebook group is set for k-12 interpreters to join

  • Legislative Committee

    • Newly established in order to do outreach and research on legislative standards for interpreters

      • Focusing on researching what other professions in Oregon require a license and what states currently have interpreter licensure and what that process looks like

      • Community support and feedback will be utilized and town hall events will be hosted to gather input

      • Committee email is not yet set-up, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any inquiries


New Business

  • Bylaws

  • IPAHH (Interpreting Professionals at happy Hour) coordinator stepping down

    • IPAHH is currently hosted in Eugene, Salem, and Portland once a month with relatively low attendance

      • Could set up a rotating event schedule so they aren’t held once a month in each city which may encourage more attendance

        • Set as quarterly large social events

      • Past survey showed that the time for IPAHH, specifically in Portland, was a challenge due to traffic on Friday evenings

        • Have not been able to change the time for one city, to change one meant all needed to be modified

      • Salem, date and time generally conflicts with Deaf coffee night

      • Instead of interpreting professionals, it could be opened up to all signing professionals

        • Could create some challenges if interpreters are hoping to talk about the work and are out with people they have interpreted for

      • Terp Talk events have been well attended

        • Held on Saturday mornings

        • Not run by ORID

        • Similar to the function of IPAHH but without alcohol and typically is more focused on interpreting rather than socializing

      • Oregon and Washington DC have been the only places that have something like IPAHH running, is valuable to the community

      • Hosting events at a Deaf-run business may motivate more attendance

      • Position was meant to be under the Communications Committee so new coordinator may need to attend meetings

      • Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested in becoming the coordinator


Motions from the floor

  • Southern Oregon interpreters lack access to workshops

    • Workshops Committee is aware of this issue and is still working on solutions

    • Utilize technology more for workshop opportunities

      • Important for interpreters to have real world experiences - other ideas for allowing for interpreters to attend workshops is needed

    • More workshops for the area

    • Coordinate sharing expenses - carpooling, shared hotel rooms, local interpreters can offer a spare room to reduce cost for those traveling

  • President is having to copy sign for several attendees in the room, would be prudent to retain the services of a Deaf interpreter to copy sign during ORID membership meetings

    • Want to make sure Deaf interpreters have a say in their organization as well - if working during the meeting they will not have an opportunity to participate and offer input

    • Volunteer or paid work

      • Generally ORID has left that decision to the interpreters. If they are willing to donate their time to the organization that is entirely their decision

    • Rupert Dubler: Move that ORID make a good faith effort to retain a Deaf interpreter for all Membership Meetings. Mel DeLeon second

    • Passes

  • Jean Miller: I move that ORID investigate backgrounds for remote sessions which will better capture a variety of clothing options and skin tones, as well as meet the needs of individuals with vision issues. Robin Shannon second

    • Passes



  • Language is being developed to recommend RID establish a task force to investigate a change of the organization’s name (would change its “doing business as” name while retaining the name RID for all legal purposes)

    • Planned to present the motion at the 2019 RID national conference

    • Welcome to further discussion from members


Adjourn 4:50


Breakout groups

Educational Interpreting (K-12 Committee)

ORID Outreach (Membership and Communications Committees)

Professional Development (Workshop Committee)


Policy, Legislation, and Standards (Legislative Committee)

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