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Membership Meeting - Eugene Hop City February 6, 2016

Date: February 6, 2016
Membership Meeting - Eugene Hop City

Board in Attendance:
Susie Friberg, Andrew Weaver,Jessica VanWinkle, Lori Salus, Lindsay Meyer

Board Absent:
Sarah Hill

Number in Attendance: 28+
Meeting start time: 12:08pm

  1. Review and Approve Minutes:

Motion to approve minutes:  Lindsay Meyer               Second:   Adelka Shawn
approve:   8
oppose: 0
abstain: 0

  • Board Reports
  • Jessica: Budget  Currently ORID is in good standing.  We have had some expenditures and some income.  Overall we are within the budget we laid out at the beginning of the year.  
  • Andrew - no report
  • Lori - no report
  • Lindsay -  ITP student update:  
        1. Kate (1st year) from PCC was in attendance.  Matt and Lynne from WOU were in class today.  
        2. Kate mentioned that there is a second year PCC representative.  Lindsay asked that that person contact her so she can meet and greet her.  
        3. Again the emphasis for student representatives is collaboration between the programs.  We are all in this together.
  • Susie:
        1. RID/NAD partnership rumblings.  NAD and RID are no longer working collaboratively.  There is still mutual respect between both organizations.  NAD is no longer partnering with RID in the testing realm.  This doesn’t mean that they won’t in the future but they are not currently.  
        2. RID is sharing in vlogs and Power Point presentation, which is roughly an hour, the background and insight for the decisions that have been made.  
        3. RID has created an LLC specifically for testing.  This decision was discussed at length.  Due to the fact that testing over the past many years has been a financial burden and drain for RID, the decision to create an LLC will allow testing to run and operate on its own and also allow RID HQ to focus on member needs.   Staff at HQ that are connected with testing will be staff at the LLC.  
        4. This LLC will focus on testing, developing new tests, criteria for tests, etc.  
        5. Members will have a say on the criteria of the tests and be involved in the process.  
        6. Remember that this is a process and it takes time.  Quick, rash decisions are not being made.  
        7. NAD was RID to recognize the BEI - Texas state test, but that decision is not a board decision.  
        8. NAD and RID have different perspectives.  Each is expressing those perspectives.  There is always a different perspective to any story line.  Please be mindful of that and not jump to conclusions.  RID board is being very transparent. Please read the transcript or view the vlogs.  They are very informative.   
        9. FEMA - Susie will be participating in a meeting on Feb. 17th with the state coordinator for Emergency Management/Preparedness.  This is a result of the UCC shooting and how the interpreter was chosen.  
        10. Region V Conference:  Partnership with NAD in Arizona on July 5-9.  Registration is open.  If you would like to be involved with a committee, please check/email Susie.
  • Committee Reports
  • Lindsay - ITP student representatives: See above
  • Sarah (Mel) - Mentorship:
  • Mentorship workshop was canceled and there is no word of when that will be rescheduled.  Chair for the workshop did not send a report.  
  • Mish - workshops (via Susie).  
        1. They are working hard and getting a great presenters.  A list of workshops is on the back of the agenda.  
  • Ashley/Kacey (via Susie) - K-12:  
  • This committee has struggled to gain members.  A survey was sent out to get insight on what are the pertinent issues K-12 interpreters are facing.  A google hangout was scheduled and no one attended.  
  • Eugene School District interpreters are fighting for reclassification within their district.  ORID wrote a letter of support.  Their request was denied but they are appealing the decision.  K-12 committee is ready to support in any way.
  • A small network of interpreters using Glide has been established to support rural/isolated interpreters.  It has some success but participation is low.
  • Also mentioned was that students going on internship should think about getting connected with this committee or the Glide network so when they have issues or questions there is a place to ask them.  
  • Old Business
    • 1. Motion for committee members to have name in pool for Nat’l or Regional Conference registration fee paid for by ORID if member actively participates in committee (Tabled in May, revisited in November) .  
  • New Business
  • Take motions from the floor
  • Motion by Ashley Sisante and Lydia Pickard:
        • Motion reads:  Ashley Sisante and Lydia Pickard move that ORID members in good standing since July of the previous calendar year and who agree to active service in an ORID committee for the next full calendar year, are eligible to submit their names for a drawing.  The winner of this drawing will win early bird registration reimbursement for either the upcoming National RID Conference or for the upcoming Region V RID Conference.  Following a month of soliciting entries from the ORID membership, the drawing will take place on February 1st.  In 2016, the drawing for Region V RID Conference funding will take place on March 10th, after a month of solicitation.

Discussion:  Does ORID have the funds to do so.  Currently we have money saved, but if we use that money then we are out.  Some years we have more income than we have expenditures.  On years when ORID has less income the amount may be lower.  What about a maximum amount?  $400 would cover early bird.  Discussion on what maximum amount would be acceptable.  
ii. Adelka motions to amend the motion to say (motion)... up to $400 as budget allows.  Jeff seconds.  
Discussion:  What if person can’t attend?  What is a member in good standing mean?  Susie: I can ask the committee chairs to write a brief description of what active committee members look like.  The by-laws state what a member in good standing is. Also that means paying your membership dues on time.
iii.  Adelka motions to amend:  (motion)...If the person chosen doesn’t attend, their name goes back into the drawing for the next year and the same selection criteria apply as stated.  Andrew seconds.  
Discussion:  none
Vote:  Favor: 8
         Opposed: 0
          Abstain:  0
Motion Passes!!  

  • Lynne Murphy and Matt M request $200 for PCC and WOU’s graduating class’ graduation pinning/ceremony.
  • Discussion:  Susie reminded members that a motion granting support for giving monies was passed 2 years ago.  The point of this request is that the motion states PCC and WOU must ask.  If they don’t ask, ORID will not just give.  The amount is what we as a membership get to decide today.  
        • The Treasurer was asked if there is money available.  Jessica responded with we have money in this year’s budget that has been given that we could use for this request.  
        • Cost of food through the college’s catering are high.  
        • We don’t need to know all the costs laid out in detail.  ORID is giving to show we support the ITP Programs and their students.  
        • Susie took a pulse and summarized what she heard the membership said and asked for $150 to be given to each graduating class.  

Support: 8
Opposed: 0
Abstain: 0
Monies in the amount of $150 will be given to both WOU and PCC.  Representatives need to follow-up with the treasurer and Lindsay Meyer.

  • Announcements:
  • Nominations are open for ORID Board Positions (President, Treasurer, Member at Large and Secretary (1year)  Please send names to Susie Friberg or Lori Salus
  • IPAHH: 3rd Friday of each month in Portland, Salem, Eugene
  • Workshops:
  • Feb. 20: Beyond “It Depends”  Jenna Curtis - Portland
  • Deaf Talks:  Second Tuesday of the months: March, April and May.  March 8, April 12, and May 10  Deaf speakers from the community will impart their passion of the field they work in.  This is in partnership with WREIC.
  • April 9: Breanna Cross Hall - Eugene
  • April 16-17: Legal Interpreting Workshop  Ed Alletto and Mel Deleon - Portland
  • May 14-15: Weekend of workshops  Madris, OR
  • Legislative Day is February 25, 2016 (need 10+ interpreters)
  • Region V Conference is in Arizona partnering with NAD Conf. July 5-9
  • Jeff Jaech announced that there is a part time ASL interpreter position at U of O.  Please contact him if you are interested.
  • Adjourn:1:25pm
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