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General Meeting Minutes October 2016

Membership Meeting Minutes



PCC Sylvania


Board members in attendance

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Andrew Weaver

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy

MAL #2: Lori Salus


To view a recording of the meeting please click the following link:

It may take a while to load as it has all the information (slides, chat and video) from the online meeting room.



  • First time membership meeting is being live-streamed. Audrey Loudenback monitoring the technical side of the meeting. Thank you to WOU for providing the technology and PCC for the room.

  • Future meetings to be open to anyone online

  • Former president Susie Friberg here to co-lead

  • Approval of previous minutes - Christina moved to approve minutes, Jake second

  • Introduction of new board


Board reports

  • President Jenna Curtis

    • President’s role to coordination with the national organization as ORID is an affiliate chapter

      • Dawn Whitcher (RID pres) has resigned, Melvin Walker is the new president. Erica West Oydele has moved up to the VP position leaving the Region V Rep (ORID’s region) position vacant. If interested, application is available online.

        • Mish has expressed interest and will pass around a signature sheet needed for applying

      • RID Conference: RID has been losing money on the conference for several years and has decided to alter the structure.

        • Not for people who want only to earn CEUs, will be a working conference with 2 tracks: Leadership - for leaders currently in the field or those interested in taking on a leadership role and Skill Development - geared towards pre-certified interpreters

        • Lottery system for interested participants, 250 tickets per track

          • ORID will be given an unknown number of tickets and membership will need to decide how they are distributed

        • Currently unknown if student volunteers/support staff are needed

    • Development of ORID’s organizational chart

      • New committees have been established and each committee has a designated board liaison - See Organizational Chart Here

        • Need for volunteers - please contact the liaison if interested in joining. Now requesting members to sign a membership agreement - agree to attend meetings and share ideas and do work matching member interest

        • Committee meetings are held online monthly to allow for more involvement

        • Monthly reporting forms are now utilized to keep everyone up to date on committee activity

  • Treasurer Jake Sparks

    • $10,655.41 income, $7,764.32 expenses mostly due to recent medical workshop

  • MAL 1 Christina Healy

    • To see a complete description of MAL 1 updates click here

    • Connecting with students through WOU and PCC - engaging with students and  ORID early and often to encourage involvement. WOU visit coming up 10/11, PCC later this term

    • Student representatives are needed -- apply online, for link email MAL1

    • Need more mentoring opportunities - interpreting as practice profession

      • Historically ORID has had mentoring opportunities but has been difficult to maintain

      • New approach: during meetings, people have colored cards to represent who is looking for a mentor (green) and who is willing to mentor (yellow) which supports people making connections somewhat organically to develop mentoring relationships directly

      • Another resource is the NCIEC Mentoring Toolkit

    • Summer survey showed a need to connect statewide so currently searching for regional representatives - email MAL 1 if interested

    • Survey showed a desire to educate people about working with Deaf individuals and interpreters

      • Partnering with Sarah Hafer, a Certified Deaf Interpreter, to hold townhall type meetings to determine what we (Deaf, hard of hearing, interpreters…) believe the general population needs to know

        • Town Halls will inform what future workshops look like to present to people who may interact with the Deaf Community and interpreters

    • Watch out for more events being added to the ORID calendar


Committee Reports

  • Workshop Committee - Mish (Chair

    • Workshop on Friday 10/14 in Medford with Wink as the presenter and in partnership with the Southern Oregon School District

    • Committee currently has 4 members, though 2 are leaving, and 3 student members. Looking for a couple more volunteers to join

  • Membership Committee - Sarah Middleton (Interim Chair) and Carina Reymers

    • Currently has 2 members and looking for 1 more

    • Role includes updating memberships, sending reminders to people who have not renewed, running the sign-in table

    • Benefits to membership include: access to workshops, newsletters, access to the larger community for important questions and conversations, discounted workshops anywhere in Region V, and joining a committee provides and instant connection  - especially important to new/new to the area interpreters

  • Communication Committee - Tara Troup (board liaison)

    • 5 members which should be sustainable

    • Role is to work to develop the monthly updates and quarterly newsletters, create flyers for event, and keep open lines of communication amongst the membership

  • Interpreting in K-12 Committee - Tara Troup (board liaison)

    • This committee has been around for a while with inconsistent activity. The ORID board is committed to supporting interpreters in the K-12 setting

    • Currently 6 members and there is interest in connecting with interpreters in K-12 across the state especially those in rural areas to provide support and community connection

  • Service and Scholarship - CM Hall (Chair - past ORID President and VP, and RID MAL)

    • Currently 2 members: CM Hall and Lydia Pickard. Open to more members

    • 3 motions carried over from last meeting - please see a complete description of the motions here. Overarching idea: the committee will start with seed money then fundraise. These activities will help to build more unity with the wider community. There will be more discussion on what the process will look like

      • Motion 1: ORID scholarship for testing in exchange for service

        • Must be an Oregon resident but there are many students who do not yet have an Oregon license that this scholarship could benefit

      • Motion 2: Establish hardship fund for emergencies

      • Motion 3: Establish benevolent fund for emergencies

        • Concern regarding ORID paying $30/hr when there has been a lot of push locally for fair pay, may set a bad precedent

          • Some people are willing to volunteer but financially strapped so this would support them in some way

        • Some people are willing but uncomfortable with the work. Possible to provide information/education on interpreting funerals/weddings/support groups etc. that often look for pro-bono interpreters

        • ORID is not an agency - paying interpreters for pro-bono work may conflict with the national policy

    • Christina Healy move to vote on each motion separately, Ashley Sisante seconds

      • Motion 1: 20 in favor - passes unanimously

      • Motion 2: 13 in favor, 2 against, 3 abstain - passes

      • Motion 4: 9 in favor, 7 against, 2 abstain - passes


New Logo Designs

  • History: 15 years ago ORID paid for a logo designed by Patrick Fischer. Nobody seems to know where this has gone - will look into it but move forward with the vote today

    • Lydia move to vote, Tara seconds

      • #2 Logo voted in. See logo here



  • Susie Friberg will be continuing to run the Deaf Talks presentations and is looking for any willing presenters. Last year there were 3 events in Salem, this year they will be in both Portland and Salem with goals to expand in the future.

  • James Rae is a teacher at PCC and a Deaf Interpreter: we need more Deaf friends/interpreters representing at ORID, get the word out. Currently there are 2 Deaf people in attendance and are sorely lacking in diverse perspectives. Previously was VP of ORID and had 200 members at that time, now there are very few and there are clear cultural reasons for that.

    • Jenna Curtis: Support of James’ comment, agrees that we need diverse perspectives represented in ORID


Break Out Committee Groups

  • For the last 15 minutes committees meet around the room to discuss more of what they have been doing and members who aren’t involved in a committee are encouraged to join a committee of interest


Close Meeting


  • 12:05 Jake Sparks moves to close, Lydia Pickard seconds

General Meeting Video October 2016
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