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General Meeting Minutes 05/13/2017

Membership Meeting Minutes



Salem - Broadway Coffeehouse


Board members in attendance

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Andrew Weaver

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy

MAL #2: Lori Salus


To view a recording of the meeting please click the following link:

It may take a while to load as it has all the information (slides, chat and video) from the online meeting room.



  • Approval of minutes from the January Eugene meeting which was held online due to inclement weather

    • Christina Healy: Move to approve the minutes from the January meeting, Andrew Weaver second

    • Vote: 9 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain - Passes


Board Reports

  • President

    • RID national conference

      • Held in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 20-24

      • New format functioning as a working conference rather than a focus on earning CEUs

      • CASLI (Center for Assessment of Sign Language Interpreters) has now assumed the role of testing and RID is looking to what the organization should focus on in the future

      • 2 tracks: leadership and skill development

      • Jenna (President) and Tara (Secretary) will be in attendance from the board

      • Extra slots were opened to Affiliate Chapters and Brenda Puhlman (Communications Chair) applied and selected to attend

    • National conference live streaming

      • 2 locations: Portland (facilitated by Christina Healy) and Monmouth (facilitated by Erin Trine)

      • Application was established in order to include a diverse group of perspectives and assess what each person can contribute to the group as well as what can then be brought back to the community - all applications due by Monday, May 15th

        • If not selected for the event it is not intended to negatively reflect on any applicant or imply lack of qualifications - the goal is to have a diverse range of perspectives represented

      • Cost is $250 for 2.2 CEUs

    • Region V conference (Mish Ktejik and Jenna)

      • Regional conferences have no RID involvement are are run by volunteers and profits go to Affiliate Chapters

      • Happens bi-annually, on even years so as not to conflict with RID’s conference

      • 2018 conference to be held in Jantzen Beach, OR (north Portland) on June 21-24

        • Valuable opportunity to train local people on how to host and run a conference event

      • More information to come

  • Treasurer

    • More income than expected this FY

    • Last 3 years have been in the red and it is a goal to prevent that for 2016/17

    • More income would allow ORID to offer more donations/monetary support

      • 2016/17 major contributions have been to WOU’s service learning trip to Nicaragua, RID conference slots, and a CDI training opportunity

        • CDI training update

          • Original presenter, Kevin Poore, accepted a job across the country and is no longer able to lead the workshops

          • Curriculum to remain the same

          • Valentino Vasquez and Robin Shannon are meeting to find a new presenter and are looking into partnering with OAD (Community Needs Assessment showed a need for more CDIs in Oregon)

          • Robin recently lead the introduction workshop and participants expressed an interest in splitting the sessions into separate workshops

          • Will work with the Workshop Committee on other details

    • Working to develop an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with WOU for future workshops to have an established agreement on division of funds

  • MAL 1

    • ORID's 2016 survey showed membership prioritized the goal of educating the public about working with interpreters and deaf individuals

      • Christina and Sarah Hafer will meet June 2nd to work on developing Town Hall presentations open to the Deaf community, hearing individuals, interpreters, and people who hire interpreters

      • Town Halls tentatively planned for the fall and winter

      • Please send ideas about possible spaces to host this event and other stakeholders to include to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • ORID is looking to take on a stronger advocacy role, though this process can be complicated given the boundaries of the organization

      • Any ideas regarding this topic or concerns/issues that come up through and from the community, please send to Christina

    • Student Representatives from Portland Community College and Western Oregon University

      • Board members have visited both programs

      • PCC students, Jonathan and Kate, and WOU students, John (Jack) and Rebekah worked to create 3 documents to present

        • Looking for a mentor: intended for recent graduates in search of a mentor

          • Often the experience of placing 2 people together at random in a mentoring relationship is not as beneficial as desired

        • Seeking a mentee, building mentoring relationships in the interpreting community: intended for interpreters looking to take on a mentorship role

          • Addresses time commitment, in-person or remote options, etc.

        • FAQ sheet: students are often hesitant to attend meetings because they are unsure of what to expect (what to wear, what happens during meetings, what is ORID, how to get involved, etc.). This document is 9 pages tackling 15 FAQs


Committee reports - please consider joining if interested in a committee

  • Workshop - Mish Ktejik

    • This year has been relatively simple as WOU planned the workshops and ORID helped to coordinate, support, and process CEUs

    • Upcoming workshops

      • June on the topic of social media

      • With PCC on how to mentor

    • Will work during summer to begin scheduling workshops for 2017/18

    • Mish is stepping down as Chair and one other member will be leaving as well so there is a need for new committee members

  • Membership - Sarah Middleton, Chair

    • July 1st marks the beginning of a new membership cycle - expect emails, messages, and a postcard for renewing. Renewing before expiration will roll over through the next year, there is no longer a need to wait until after the end of the cycle

    • If already a member, you can easily renew instead of signing up again

    • If member classification has changed (ex. student to working interpreter) the member will need to change that online upon renewal

    • Developing a letter to organizations encouraging membership

    • Next meeting is May 22 and the committee is in need of at least one more member

  • Communications - Brenda Puhlman, Chair

    • ORID’s first renewed newsletter came out yesterday (Friday May 12) - it is an interactive website

      • A link was sent to all members, if this was not received, we may not have your correct email address on file or emails are going to spam/promotions folder

    • Events posted to the facebook page to keep people informed on upcoming events

    • Members likely see emails from Communications regarding events or important information for Oregon interpreters

    • Next meeting on May 18, 5:00-6:00 on Google Hangouts

  • K-12 - Tara Troup, Board Liaison

    • Currently developing a facebook page for Oregon K-12 interpreters

    • Next meeting June 14, 7:00-8:00 on Google Hangouts then taking the summer off, will start meeting again in September

  • Scholarship and Service - Peter Norland, committee member

    • Applications were sent for candidates to apply for financial assistance for certification exams and the due date has passed

      • Does not seem to have been seen by many people - will strategize on how to disseminate the application next time for more participation


New business

  • Board positions

    • Thank you to Andrew (vice president) and Lori (MAL 2) for all of your work and helping to onboard 4 new board members - the historical knowledge you have contributed has been tremendous

    • The 3 board positions are uncontested so no vote is required. Welcome to the board!

    • MAL 1: Laurielle Aviles

      • Relocated 4 years ago from New York to attend WOU’s interpreting program

      • Last 2 years have been in Portland

      • Has worked in several fields in interpreting

      • Excited to be involved with the board and find where most feels like home in the state of Oregon

    • Secretary: Tara Troup

      • Took over for Sarah Jean Hill last year as secretary and enjoyed the year with ORID

      • A lot of foundational work done this year and looking forward to supporting ORID in becoming more active in the coming years

    • Vice President: Audrey Loudenback

      • Graduated from WOU in 2009 and completed WOUs MAIS program

      • Currently works at WOU as well as community freelance work

      • Has 2 children aged 4 and 6

      • Looking to conduct more research in time, thus far research has been focused on motivation and values

    • Board retreat in the summer - dates TBA

  • Funding request from WOU students

    • Both PCC and WOU students are looking for a contribution of $150 for their graduation celebration/pinning ceremony

      • Mish: Moves for ORID to contribute $150 to both PCC and WOU students for their celebrations, Jean Miller second

      • Discussion:

        • Question of what the money would specifically be used for and should there be specific parameters set

          • Would be helpful to have a written explanation of what the funds will be used for - could wait for that and make a decision after

            • Graduation is coming up quickly, it may be better this time around to vote on this and request more specifics next year

            • Regarding PCC: There are 14 students set to graduate. The money would be used for their pins as well as the celebratory event with families, upwards of 50 people in attendance

            • Christina: As liaison to the student representatives, this could have been better prepared - next year will prep the students for these types of questions because they were not ready for this to come up

          • Possible to have each program pay and ORID reimburse them up to $150 each

          • Last year the board contemplated establishing an annual budget line item for ORID to donate to the graduating classes but the board likes the idea of students practicing coming to the meeting and going through the process of requesting donations

        • Any remaining money could be donated back into the Scholarship and Service Committee

      • Amendment (Mish): Move for WOU and PCC to pay for their respective events and ORID will reimburse up to $150, Christina second

        • Reminder to students that though students do not have voting rights in ORID, they can and are encouraged to make any comments

        • Vote: 17 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain Passes

        • Contact treasurer (Jake) to coordinate

    • Andrew: Move for ORID to host a joint pinning ceremony for PCC and WOU together in which ORID will provide the food and pins, Peter Norland second

      • Discussion:

        • Each program hold the pinning ceremony very dear. ORID taking it over doesn’t feel appropriate. This should be discussed separately with the schools before a vote takes place

        • Not within ORID’s authority to take over the ceremonies. Another option could be to hold a “welcome to the profession” with the idea of the motion remaining intact - hosting an event to bring PCC and WOU graduating classes together

        • Does avoid the issue of donating funds without understanding what the funds are being spent on

        • ORID could make a presentation at each school ceremony

        • WOU’s pinning ceremony is very personal, specifically for a group of people that has spent time together building intimate relationships

        • Pinning ceremonies feel more like an opportunity to say goodbyes and less about welcoming few grads into the world of interpreting

      • Andrew: Withdraw motion to allow more time for discussion and can be addressed later

    • Jean Miller: Move to have ORID set an annual $150 per program (PCC and WOU) in the budget, Tara second

      • Discussion:

        • This discussion has happened several times over the years and it is uncomfortable to watch the interaction with students here. ORID can still request students come and present annually

        • Students could present a proposal for the funds

      • Amendment: Move to set an annual line item in ORID’s budget of $150 each for PCC and WOU’s graduating class and students must develop a proposal.

        • Vote: 15 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain


Committee Breakouts

  • The remaining time will be breakout discussion groups after adjourning

    • Educational Interpreting

    • Scholarship and Service

    • ORID Outreach

    • Professional Development

    • Advocacy



  • Jean Miller moves to close the meeting, Jake second

  • Adjourn 12:45

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