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General Meeting Minutes 01/07/2017

Membership Meeting Minutes



Online meeting due to inclement weather


Board members in attendance

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Andrew Weaver

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy - in and out due to tech and travel

MAL #2: Lori Salus


Board members absent

Treasurer: Jake Sparks - Tech issues



  • The meeting was originally scheduled to be held in Eugene but due to inclement weather around the state is being held fully online for the first time

  • Approval of October membership meeting minutes which are available at

    • Tara moves, Andrew 2nd - passes: 7 yes, 1 abstention, 0 no


Board Reports

  • President Jenna Curtis

    • RID 2017 LEAD Together Conference will he held in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 20-24

      • 50 tickets will be provided to small-group facilitators who will facilitate interactive  discussions during the conference.- facilitator applications are currently open and if selected there is no need to apply for the general lottery

      • General lottery opens March 1st

      • ORID has been provided 2 tickets which are currently reserved though it is undecided who will attend

      • More information is available at

    • RID National Update

      • New leadership

        • Erica West Oyedele - our previous Region V Representative, now Vice President of RID

        • Mish Ktejik new Region V Representative - congratulations!

      • Executive director search

        • Anna Witter-Merithew is currently temporary acting director for RID and the position is still open. RID recently closed the search for a director and had narrowed the options to 2 candidates which membership then provided feedback on. At this time RID has decided not to move forward with either candidate and will be providing information about next steps.

      • Testing for certification (NIC and CDI) will be run through CASLI (Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation)

        • 1 testing center in Oregon located in Beaverton

        • CDI exam is still being developed though there will be a bridge program providing provisional credentials later this month (January)

  • Vice President: Andrew Weaver

    • Website being updated to provide a committees tab which will include the committee scope of work as well as Chair contact information. Also an IPAHH (Interpreting Professionals at Happy Hour) event page has been added with a link to Facebook for current locations.

    • Deaf Talks is becoming Deaf Professional Series to reflect the wealth of information provided during the talks while maintaining the welcoming atmosphere - open to series name suggestions

      • Series will take place in

        • Portland: send ideas for location

        • Salem: Broadway Cafe

        • Eugene: send ideas for location

  • Secretary: Tara Troup

    • Will be attending WOU’s ASL/English Interpreter and Signing Professional Career Expo on Feb. 24 11:00-4:00. Anyone interesting in helping to represent please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Treasurer: report delivered by Jenna Curtis

    • $12,388.10 in income and $11,344.23 in expenses so far this fiscal year

    • $23,881.85 in bank account

    • Financially in good standing

    • All accounts paid off

    • Taxes have been filed

  • MAL #1: Christina Healy


Committee Updates (several members had planned to attend in person but some are now unable due to inability to access online meeting. There has been a lot of great work done)

  • Workshop Committee

    • Upcoming workshop “Are We Eating Our Young? Horizontal Violence and Interpreters” on Friday, Feb 3, 2017 from 9:00-3:00 at Western Oregon University

    • Check email for information on the EIPA workshop from CM Hall

  • Membership Committee

    • Recommended bylaws changes to be discussed later in the meeting

    • SOP - Standard Operating Procedures developed for committee

    • Next in-person meeting will have voting cards provided to voting members to confirm who is eligible to vote

  • Communications Committee

    • Responsible for keeping the Facebook pages up-to-date

    • Distributed survey to gain feedback on what to include/how to disperse newsletter

      • Will likely be created on a Wix page be sent to membership with teasers posted online

      • Slated to come out in draft form for review in April then published in May

      • Create fliers for upcoming events

  • K-12 Committee

    • Completed Scope of Work

    • Currently working on compiling names and contact information in order to create a K-12 database for interpreters (similar to Washington State’s listserv for K-12 interpreters)

    • Working on making a K-12 committee facebook page so all Oregon K-12 interpreters can communicate about professional activities

  • Scholarship and Service

    • Held first phone conference meeting and next meeting will be an all day retreat in Newport on Saturday, Jan 28th from 10a-5p


Logo Update

  • There was a previous membership meeting vote in which it was mentioned that there had been a commissioned logo developed several years ago. After much searching none has been located. It was also felt that not enough people were able to vote on the new logo designs so a new online vote was created and open for a length of time for members

    • Many members appreciated the option for online voting

    • 45 people voted, 5 votes were eliminated due to not being a member or their membership lapsed

    • New logo will be printed on membership cards as well as letterheads


New Business

Voting procedures

  • ORID roughly follows Robert’s Rules of Order with a motion made, a person to second, discussion then vote

    • Yes to support a motion, no if against, abstain is used when someone feels there is not enough information to make a decision, conflict of interest, or neutral opinion and choose not to be pro or con

  • Making a motion

    • Any ORID member with voting rights in good standing can make a motion during a meeting or if a member would like to add it to an agenda, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      • If topic is on the agenda, make a motion when it comes up

      • If topic is not present on the agenda, wait until the floor is opened by facilitator

    • Start with “I move that…”, another voting member must second, motion is opened for discussion, discussion is closed, motion passes with a simple majority (over 50%)

  • Any previous board decision can be vetoed by making a motion and passing with a ⅔ majority

  • Changes to bylaws require notification to full membership at least 2 weeks prior to a vote and require a ⅔ vote to pass

Motion to Change Bylaws

  • Current bylaws:

    • Voting Members:

      • Certified Member

      • Certified member: Senior Citizen

      • Associate Member

    • Non-Voting:

      • Student Member

      • Supporting Member

      • Organizational/Institutional Member

  • Proposed amendment

    • Voting Members:

      • Certified Member

      • Associate Member

    • Non-Voting

      • Student/Supporting Member

      • Organizational/Institutional Member

  • Discussion to clarify, senior citizens can still vote, they will be within the “Certified Member” or “Associate Member” category

  • Vote: Jan Humphrey moves to vote, Lindsay Meyer 2nds

    • Yes - 8, no - 0, abstain - 1    Passes


Deaf Interpreter Training Sponsorship

  • Valentino Vasquez contacted Keven Poore from Deaf PACT to provide a local workshop for CDI training. Keven has taught the series several times background available at

  • Workshops will be held Feb 17th-19th, March 17th-19th, April 21st-23rd with a total of 6 modules, 3 will be open to hearing interpreters, and the goal is to have at least 10 Deaf participants

  • As of now the cost for a Deaf participant is set at $700/registrant for the full series and ORID has been asked to help mitigate the costs for registrants. The board would like to make a contribution but unsure of the best approach to take

    • Develop an application for registrants and determine individual needs on a case by case basis

      • Screen for skill, determine financial need, support attendees from OR/So WA

        • Would take more time and it does not seem appropriate for ORID to define financial need for participants or rate skill level

    • Offer a lump sum of money to the workshop coordinators

      • We don’t know how exactly it will be spent but would be time efficient and amount would not fluctuate

      • Generally feel that we can trust Keven to make the best decision on how to utilize funds for the workshop

    • Offer money per Deaf registrant

      • Unknown at this point how many there will be, could set a maximum of $1000 but that may mean prices could change as more people sign up for the workshop - what would that look like?

  • Motion from Jan Humphrey, Patrik 2nd: ORID donate $1,000 to sponsor Deaf individuals in Oregon and So. WA who wish to become CDI trained in the Deaf PACT workshops (Spring 2017 in Oregon).

    • Yes - 11, No - 0, Abstain - 0

  • Keven has contacted some local organizations and agencies and received little response. ORID will follow up to see if any other contributions can be made


Next Meeting

  • May 13th in Salem at the Broadway Cafe

  • 10a-11a social hour

  • 11a-1p membership meeting


Thank you to WOU for the use of their Adobe Connect account and to University of Oregon for providing the intended meeting space

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