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Board Retreat Minutes 8/16/16

Board Retreat Day Minutes



PCC Sylvania


Members in attendance

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Andrew Weaver

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy

MAL #2: Lori Salus



  • Intros

  • Approval of the agenda

  • Board norms and ground rules

Future minutes accessibility

  • Reorganize to have minutes easily findable on webpage

  • Minutes are to be available within one week of each meeting

Board report

  • Treasurer

    • Preparing financial statements, preparing and sending membership cards, establishing new bank account, tending the PO box, reimbursement to members, managing PayPal account, payments sent to financial management and webmaster. There have been issues with accessibility to the bank account and business contact information that should be out by next term.

  • Vice President

    • Working on solutions to some website challenges including updating info and membership renewal. Liaison to workshop committee which is gearing up for the 4-day medical workshop.

    • Attended RID Region V conference in lieu of President to learn and network with other regional representatives.

  • Member at Large 2

    • Organize meeting places and food, talk with members, register people during workshops, helped to run nominations and election of new board members, hopefully to be OAD liaison.

  • Secretary

    • Developing documents for committee reports and membership agreement (available within 2 weeks), updating recommendation/motion form to include an online version, assist in survey development.

  • Member at Large 1

    • Developing SOP for MAL 1 role, assist in survey development. Plans to connect with high schools and colleges as an ITP Liaison, encourage mentoring via workshops and WOUs PSIP (Professional Supervision for Interpreting Practice) program, create a list of available mentors and their skills/interest areas, go to high schools (OSD included) to recruit students and work towards increased diversity in the field.

  • President

    • Meeting with OAD president - OAD is working on legislation and the CNA (Community Needs Assessment) - interpreters are needed for legislative days, discussion with CM Hall regarding a Scholarship and Service committee for the 3 motions proposed and tabled from last meeting, conducted survey and survey analysis

    • Attended RID Summer Leadership Webinar to learn from and network with national organization.


Survey Results

  • 88 respondents

  • Infographic to be shared publically soon

  • Stacey Rainey wins one year free membership to ORID

  • Areas of improvement identified

    • Communication

    • Statewide support of interpreters

    • Member involvement

  • Top priorities identified

    • Professional Development

    • Legislative Action

    • Organizational Partnerships

    • New Interpreter Support

    • Consumer Education


Workshop business

  • Review of past workshop development

    • 4 were provided last year along with Deaf Talks.

    • Need to ensure  they are included in the end of year report - mention workshops held, number ORID has advertised being held by others, number that ORID has volunteered time for

  • Partnership with WOU to host Robyn Dean and future workshops

    • Board unanimously voted to look more into the possible partnership for Robyn Dean as well as Laurie Reinhardt and Emily Ott over the following year

    • Jake to contact Mish and the Workshop Committee to determine specifics (50/50 split, revenue split, number of attendees for viability…)

  • State Conference/Large Scale Conference

    • Many people are interested in the idea of a state conference but there is concern of saturation of large extended workshops with Silent Weekend, Terp Expo, and WSRID’s state conference

      • Solutions: Partner with WSRID, partner with Silent Weekend, search for sponsorships to keep costs low

  • Christina interested in creating a Townhall style meeting to determine “need to know” information for the public - those with less experience working with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals and interpreters

    • Christina to develop the outline and work to partner with a CDI to present together

    • Fulfills priorities of offering workshops as well as educating the public

  • Susie Friberg is open to continue running the Deaf Talks series


Meeting and workshop accessibility

  • Interpreters in rural areas and those spread across the state should have easier access and the opportunity to participate in meetings and workshops run by ORID

    • Streaming meetings and workshops

    • Host a local site in communities where people can meet in person to attend the live streamed event

    • MALs can run tech support


Committee Work

  • Current committees

    • Workshop

    • K-12: has not been functioning for some time and has no members, but Lindsay would be a good contact

  • Committees to establish

    • Scholarship and Services: CM Hall is willing to lead this to address the 3 motions CM proposed in the last membership meeting and may also work on pro-bono needs in the community

    • Membership: send reminder postcards in the mail to membership about renewal, process renewals/new members, send member cards, and update contact lists

    • Communications: update website (work with VP), update facebook group and page, sync constant contact for email, update calendar to include workshop opportunities, social gatherings, networking events etc.

    • Mentoring? To be decided later

  • All committees should create a scope of work document to refocus the goals of the committee and set expectations naming responsibilities for each committee

  • Committee member agreement and reporting forms to be used going forward


Future meeting dates/times/locations

  • Some commented in survey that Saturdays are not accessible by everyone. Board discussion came to Saturdays still being the most accessible to the majority of the membership(board is working on livestreaming and archiving videos of meetings in order to include as many members as possible). As was done last year, the meetings will rotate between Portland, Salem, and Eugene. There will be a 4th meeting added to avoid going 6 months without a membership meeting so the board retreat will then be followed by a full meeting.

  • October 8, 2016

9-10 Social hour

10-12 Membership meeting

PCC Sylvania Portland

  • January 7, 2017

11-12 Social hour

12-2 Membership meeting

Hop Valley Brewing

West 1st Ave Eugene

  • May 13, 2017

10-11 Social hour

11-1 Membership meeting

Broadway Coffee House Salem

  • July 8-9 ORID Retreat with membership meeting on the 9th. Time and location TBD

    • Board retreat open to outgoing and incoming board members to clarify roles and responsibilities for new board

New business to address in full meeting:

  • Possible motion for board members to  be offered free ORID membership during their time of service due to the time commitment from the board. To begin in 2017


Action Items:


Provide feedback on reporting for committees (Committee member agreement draft and Reporting form)

Review bylaws

Read and edit roles and responsibilities



Get Lori ORID Email, Reset Christina’s password, Fwd Andrew’s email

Setup Whatsapp group for board communication

Add budget info to ORID board folder

Email Mish and Jake and Stacey and get them in touch

Introduce Sarah Hafer and Christina

Email susie about deaf talks

Contact CM and set up service and scholarship committee

Investigate Streaming Options

Make blog and send out infographic



Minutes accessible to members

Post event info on website

Setup Facebook page



Oversee membership committee sending out postcards for membership renewal reminder

Digitalize letterhead (contact Christina if need help)

Specifics for Robyn Dean workshop (work with Mish)


Type up minutes and send to Andrew

Create form “Thank You for your Membership” letter

Develop process for committees

Contact people for K-12 committee



Gather info on other events to send to Andrew for website

Work with Lori on contacting ITPs


Email Lindsay about K-12 Committee

Make Organizational Chart

Make ASL version of bio for website



Book room reservations for Membership Meetings

Work with Christina on contacting ITPs

August 2016 Vlog
July 2016 Newsletter


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