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Board Retreat Minutes 08/25/2017

Board Retreat Minutes



Tillamook People’s Utility


Members present:

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Audrey Loudenback

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy

MAL #2: Laurielle Aviles


Strength in Unity Pledge

  • Sign together as a Board

  • Principles to be consciously be included in all Board interactions with selves and community

    • Actively engage with people from marginalized communities to gain perspective

    • Listen, learn, and be conscious of our own privilege

    • Be accountable for our learning and show up, regardless of circumstance or praise

    • Remain present through the internal and external discomfort that may result from our commitment

    • Resist ideas that suggest strength is found in self-promotion at the expense of others

    • Avoid identity politics or the dismissal of another’s experience as irrelevant or unimportant

    • Name antagonisms in their many forms and call out oppressive acts, overt and subtle

    • Dismantle the oppressive systems that empower and encourage antagonistic acts


Board Function

  • Went well in the 2016-2017 year

    • Members have noticed and commented on improved communication and noticeable action from ORID

    • 4 more organizational memberships

    • No late fees incurred this year for organizational upkeep

    • Communication amongst Board has been effective

    • Student representatives report feeling very impacted by working with ORID and Member at Large, Christina

    • Net income was positive for the first time in 3 years

    • Interactions amongst Board have been respectful and collegial

  • Improvements in the 2017-2018 year

    • Need to develop MOUs with partnerships like WOU and other entities with whom ORID may coordinate

    • PayPal fees have not traditionally been incorporated into workshop expenses nor documented and included in the projected budget

    • Need a list of registrants and workshop expectations for each event

    • Cash, money orders, and checks sometimes sent to Treasurer months after receipt

    • Chairs are responsible for sending membership agreement, committee expectations, and update the current list of members

    • Membership outreach to those listed on RID website as living in Oregon who are not yet members

    • Put out ORID informational fliers in VRS centers

    • Does not reflect the number of years that person has served on the board

    • Motion to membership at future meeting: Board members to be gifted a membership for their time of service and committee chairs to have a free membership after 2 years as chair

      • Information will be provided to the chairs then they are responsible to request it after the second year

    • Confusion as to how the Workshop Committee has been run as they had been essentially an independent committee

    • Previously spent $600 for tax preparation done by CPA, Treasurer, Jake, will do without CPA next tax season but bookkeeper will continue to be utilized

    • Some stakeholders and members are still unsure of what ORID does and individual benefits

    • ORID is consistently taking on more tasks which necessitates that individual Board members are less able to be involved with every action item. The Board should be sending updates consistently so all are informed and help with delegation as needed

    • Committee liaisons need to remember to check in with respective committees and respond in a timely way if there is need for support

    • Clarify task responsibilities for committees and liaisons

    • Still many people not connected with ORID

    • Traditionally Board pays dues and is thanked for service with a $50 gift card at the end of their term



  • Topic has been brought up more recently and WSRID is currently working on it

  • Would be beneficial to know more in general about the licensure process and effects implementation has had

    • Establish a Legislative Committee which will coordinate with OAD to research information on licensure models across the country as well as gather information on policy committees including OHCIA, ODHHS etc.


Board Priorities

  • 2016-2017 survey results

    • However most respondents did not rate it as a high priority for ORID

      • In the past, ORID has been seen as a neutral body focused on workshops and professional development by the community

    • Workshop on legislative action

    • Workshop on business practices

      • Individual interpreters promoting the profession

      • Holding agencies to ethical standards

    • Many respondents rated professional development as most important for ORID to focus on

    • In comments many stated they would like to see more policy and legislative based work coming from ORID

    • Possible to meet the request by membership to provide professional development as well as a address larger community needs and policy work

  • Actionable items

    • Develop a website with increased functionality which is more user friendly where documents/resources can easily be archived and accessed

    • Suggested policy revision letter to be sent to DHS addressing current policy allowing friends and family to act as interpreters in certain circumstances

  • 2017-2018 Priorities

    • Foster member engagement and provide opportunities for professional development.

    • Strengthen and develop relationships with various stakeholders.

    • Investigate and influence policies and standards that elevate the interpreting profession in the state of Oregon


Hold until next meeting


  • Running membership meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order

  • Budget to be sent out before next meeting

Membership Meeting Minutes 8/25/2017
Board Meeting Minutes 07/17/2017


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