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Board Meeting Minutes 9/12/16

Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

September 12th 2016


  • October 8th Membership Meeting

  • How are things going?

  • Asana

    • Try for 30 days

  • Licensure

    • OAD’s interest

  • Facebook Page vs. Facebook Group Guidelines

Board Meeting Minutes

Online Meeting


Members present:

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Andrew Weaver

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy

MAL #2: Lori Salus


Members Absent:

Treasurer: Jake Sparks


Technology for meetings

  • WOU has donated Adobe Connect for ORID use during membership meetings

  • Audrey Loudenback will help run tech during meetings

  • Trial run on Oct 8 meeting: tech will include

    • 2 laptops

    • DSLR Camera for streaming presenter - might have an issue of icons taking up the screen

    • External web-cam to video the audience

    • Long ethernet cord for stable internet

    • Upload the video to the website

      • Quicktime

      • Adobe Connect - does not capture chat box in real time

      • Youtube

  • Members in areas outside of the meeting place can group together in a home or meeting place for a networking opportunity

    • Con to this - first time streaming may have some tech issues which could be worse if people are pulled together and have to travel just to have tech not work. WIFI signal may not be of the highest quality - coffee shop, PCC…

      • In case of tech failure: agendas will be sent early as well as any other doc discussed during the meeting so they may discuss amongst themselves and email into designated people during the meeting.

    • Voting online is allowed but there may be a concern if 1 person is hosting and representing other people

      • Email individuals for confirmation of their vote

      • List the names of people in the room

      • Request host to sign an integrity/host agreement about gathering votes

    • See who comes for the first meeting and use them as a person to reach out to as a networking contact for people in their area

      • Communications committee to develop Regional Representatives and possibly hold local monthly meetings to check in with people

      • We have the subscribers list (list of membership, users list has a list of cities for all users)

      • Email people about streaming membership and have a separate alert to people in Southern, Eastern, Central...etc.


Meeting details

  • Wheelchair accessibility, food - Lori will arrive early to pick up hot beverages in Portland

  • Who wants to be a mentor/mentee: have colored cards to identify who is willing to be a mentor/mentee (table tents, separate name badge…)

    • Some people may not be comfortable with walking up to someone to address the mentorship opportunity

    • Who decides who would make a good mentor?

      • Not everyone is a good fit for a mentor in every aspect but may have more business acumen or another skill that a mentee would be looking for

      • Networking and peer mentoring is an important part of our work - mentees can help develop the mentor’s ability to discuss work and encourages the mentor to discover more about their own work - 2 way street

      • Mentoring Tool Kit - NCIEC


Service and Scholarship Committee

  • CM Hall’s 3 recommendations have been on hold until the next meeting - the new committee should address

    • Anything this committee votes on in regards to using membership money must be voted on by the full membership

    • Lydia Pickard signing up to work with CM


Visiting ITPs

  • Andrew, Lori, and Christina to visit school programs - Lori and Christina set to visit 1 class on Oct 11 and more thereafter

  • Flyer for membership meeting - hand out to students during visits


Membership Committee

  • Jenna and Jake to meet with the 2 current members of the membership committee - Sarah and Carina

  • Sarah or Carina to run the registration table for the membership meeting and remind lapsed members about renewing membership


Workshop Committee

  • Andrew as liaison to communicate with Mish regarding committee activity and any need for new members


Communication Committee

  • Heather White to be answering inquiry emails

  • Jean Miller for developing/editing quarterly newsletter

  • Audrey Loudenback to work on the monthly newsletter

  • Lauren H. - steller PS skills, work on logo, flyers, and postcards in the future

  • Brenda Puhlman


Interpreting in K-12 Committee

  • 5 members recruited thus far

  • First meeting tentatively scheduled to meet Sept 17 to develop scope of work


Volunteers who cannot afford membership dues

  • Scholarship for members who want to join a committee but may not be able to afford the dues required for membership

  • Something that may be taken up but the Service and Scholarship Committee


Asana Program

  • Free up to 15 members

  • Collaborative place for people/members to work on projects

  • Can invite other to view work as a guest

  • Fairly intuitive program but will test run until Oct 8 board meeting to see how it functions for our group

    • May not be compatible for all platforms

    • Rather than email, assign a task or start a conversation on the site

  • For the future board members it is imperative to sit down and have the discussion about using the different programs and means of work/communication that we have established so nothing that has already been created need to be creating again from scratch


Need for a housed place for information

  • Historical knowledge has been lost as board members leave because papers have not been passed down or information was stored in several different places in different formats

  • Goal for this board is to create a more accessible legacy to pass to the newly onboarded board members

  • Important to have an established meeting for outgoing and incoming board members to pass of the role that has been created thus far


Action Items:

Find funny tech video - Christina

Add Comm committee scope of work - Region reps to coordinate with folks in their areas to meet for meetings - coordinate monthly meetings as well?

Tst DSLR camera for streaming - Tara/Jenna

Email to alert to live streaming of the meeting and ask about hosting - Christina

Budget to Lori for food - Jake

Notecards to meeting identifying who is willing to be a mentor/mentee - Christina

Ask Mish about flyer for upcoming meeting - Tara

Find current ITP liaisons - Christina

Email Mish for any students wanting to attend the meeting and help run registration table - Andrew

Test email Lori with attachments - Jenna

Test out Asana by assigning tasks to each other - Everyone

Doodle poll for next board meeting - Jenna


Email CM about meeting attendance - Lori


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