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Board Meeting Minutes 11/22/2017

Board Meeting Minutes



Online Meeting


Members present:

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Audrey Loudenback

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy


Members absent:

MAL #2: Laurielle Aviles


  • Board Reports/Committee Reports  (as needed)

    • President

      • RID Board Update

        • RID discussing changes and the possibility of transitioning to a delegate system and each member section will have a selected delegate to vote

          • Reasoning: sometimes members are uninformed about what is happening behind the scenes

          • A delegate system is in line with other professional models

        • Separating membership from certification

          • Members have expressed feeling there is little benefit from being an RID member outside of maintaining certification

          • CASLI is currently running testing and discussions are being held regarding the strategic plan around testing

      • Legislative Committee Update

        • Information about licensure

          • 2 surveys being developed

            • To disseminate to other states

              • 30 other states have some kind of licensure in place or registry for interpreters. Currently Oregon has requirements for k-12 and legal interpreters. Many other professions have some form of licensure (cosmetology, accounting…)

            • To disseminate to Oregon stakeholders

          • Chad Ludwig and Steven Brown had been looking to bring the issue to the long legislative session in 2018

    • Vice President

      • Deaf interpreter Region V conference scholarship

        • Sent out a survey of interest and so far no responses

          • Advertise more to interest groups

          • Rupert Dubler could specifically send the survey to his workshop attendees

        • Those applying do not need to be members but there may be more motivation to select a member as a recipient

      • Membership Committee Update

        • Currently have 145 members

        • Darcie Chin has stepped down and Cheryl Witters may be joining

        • Discussed possibility of transitioning to a Wix website and changing the manner in which membership information and payment can be collected

        • January 6th meeting conflicts with TEDx Salem

          • Several members cannot attend due to TEDx commitments and WOU students will also be committed there

        • Transitioning Sarah out - Alissa will be updating Constant Contact and accessing the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. gmail account

          • Email Alissa with any comments and concerns

    • Secretary

      • Portland hospital complaint

        • Person came forward about some issues regarding a large hospital in Portland and being unprepared for the last minute nature of requests coming in for interpreter services

          • There are not enough complaints coming from patients for administration to address the issue

            • Consult with hospital about options

            • Provide a card to Deaf consumers for any comments or feedback

            • More details need to be collected before clear action can be taken

      • Mileage/stipend for volunteer representation

        • Mileage used to be paid if board members lived far from a meeting

          • Meetings and other volunteer engagements may be treated differently

        • ORID representatives attending events

          • Check if there is anyone more local who could attend

          • If the event is run by a different organization, it may be that organization that should shoulder the cost of having representation

            • Organization may be unwilling which may mean no representative will be present

          • Need to establish if we are asking people to represent ORID or interpreters in general

          • Need a contract before the event takes place

        • If interpreters are paid mileage, it cannot be written off taxes

          • Pay the value of the mileage so it is more worth it for interpreters

      • Communications Committee update

        • Need something in place to thank newsletter contributors

          • Thank you card signed by the Board and will recognize contributors during the meeting

        • Twitter

          • Rodney, the WOU student helping run the ORID Facebook page and group, has offered to set up a Twitter account for ORID

      • IPAHH

        • Communications has taken on the running of IPAHH and is being coordinated by 3 individuals for Portland, Salem, and Eugene

        • Some would like IPAHH in different locations to be held on different nights so people can attend both events, particularly if living between cities

    • Treasurer

      • CDI Workshop numbers

        • October 21st had 15 participants with a loss of $105

        • November 5th had 9 hearing interpreters with a loss of $121.25

        • Came out in the red but it matched the goal of the organization

          • There was some confusion with the registration process

        • Checks have been sent to presenters

      • Tax forms

        • Both forms were relatively simple and have been filed

        • Only $20 fees

      • Workshop Committee update

        • Have heard nothing about anything upcoming and unsure if the committee is still meeting

        • Communication concerns with Workshops Committee

          • Board needs to clarify expectations of committee members and chairs especially regarding communication response time

            • Scope of work has general duties laid out but nothing too specific

              • The board could put something together with more details with timelines for specific tasks to be done

        • Professional development is a clear priority for membership and there is a  need to know what kinds of offerings are being planned

          • Need more discussion about what current plans are and will talk further in the December meeting

          • Contracts with presenters and other entities should include specific duties delegated to individuals with due-by dates

    • MAL 1

      • Medical interpreter survey

        • Misty Owens has been hired for survey translation

          • Requested and sent the English transcript

        • Contacted the clinic and HR to clarify in writing that they will keep the data for analysis

        • If this project is expanded a 2nd CDI may be hired to provide options for patients completing the survey

      • Upcoming PCC meetings

        • Date and times set

        • FAQs and slides can be sent through google drive

        • For future membership meetings, membership could ask meeting attendees if they have come to a meeting previously and provide a FAQ sheet if not

          • 9 page document, would be a lot to give out

          • Easier if it were uploaded and available online

          • Need to develop a one-pager on Robert’s Rules of Order explaining who can vote and second etc.

          • Show FAQs on screen before meetings start so people can become familiar with them

    • MAL 2

      • Sent figures for printing through FedEx for a banner and small posters

        • Board to look over the options and provide feedback via email

  • New Business

    • Proposal from WOU

      • The event is being held at the same time as the January membership meeting

        • If we choose to partner in this there should be a statement made that we support the event and apologize for the conflict

      • Up $1500 requested for language coaches in supporting interpreting students. In exchange WOU will host a free workshop on mentoring/coaching

        • ORID will set prices and receive all profits

          • Coaches involved with TEDx will be invited to join

        • Money will be lost for ORID but this is inline with the intent of the organization

        • Opportunity to build a long term relationship

        • Could ask WOU professors to have Deaf interpreters to be the on stage and students feed

          • Feeding is a more advanced skill

          • The professors have this year planned, this could be a bigger discussion if this turns into a long term partnership

        • Host the workshop prior to TEDx so funds could be collected then whatever funding left is needed ORID could donate

          • Next year this change may be able to happen but this year it is rather late to do that work

          • Will write to WOU: ORID is excited to partner this year and looks forward to meeting early next year to talk about what this looks like for 2019

        • ORID can collect feedback from Deaf participants if there are negative feelings  

          • Provide a Google form

            • Shouldn’t assume assume language fluency of respondents

              • If acting as a language coach, individuals will likely have English proficiency

            • Last year no feedback was collected from mentors

            • This will serve as a pilot year, if we want a full partnership in the future we can do that and be sure that this type of event is something we want to have our full support behind

            • Audrey will act as the point person the the support of the board

        • VOTE: Passes unanimously

    • Winter membership meeting

      • Space needs to be reserved

        • Previously held at Hop Valley

        • Could be held at 4-J to be more inviting to the k-12 interpreters working there

        • University of Oregon

          • No cost and Communications Committee has a member working at the college to help coordinate

          • Will be held here and 4-J interpreters will be reached out to encourage attendance

        • IPAHH will again be hosted after the membership meeting

      • Interpreters for copy signing

        • Audrey will work on getting Deaf interpreters booked

        • Interpreters will decide their rate

          • Rate need to be reviewed, if charged, prior to the meeting taking place

          • If a request for a hearing interpreter comes in Audrey will book them

          • Work on background colors for those on the LiveStream to see better

          • Tell Deaf interpreters about possible background colors

      • Adjourn 9:25p

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