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Board Meeting Minutes 09/13/2017

Board Meeting Minutes



Online Meeting


Members present:

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Audrey Loudenback

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy

MAL #2: Laurielle Aviles


Board reports

  • President

    • Region V conference

      • Call for committee chairs is out, screening completed, in acceptance process - several from Oregon applied

      • Considering use of Guidebook app for programing

      • ORID to run registration and name badges

      • More volunteers will be needed for committees in time

    • Trying to connect with new OAD President, Logan

      • Plans to attend OAD’s next meeting

    • Legislative Committee

      • Elisa Maroney and Amanda Smith to represent WOU and will look into licensure across the country

      • Kalen Beck, previous OHSU coordinator, will also be involved

      • A lot of the work ORID does currently ends up being policy work but are lacking the necessary resources to look at and change each individual policy

        • Changing all policies requires a change in legislation

      • Will likely need more people to to talk to stakeholders and run town hall events down the road

      • Would be beneficial to have someone from the committee on the ODHHS advisory board

    • Interpreter on news off screen

      • Email sent regarding a news recording with a live interpreter but the interpreter was off screen for the televised piece

      • Did not happen in Oregon - informed Regional Rep and hope it will be passed on the the national office

      • Need to develop position statements and open letter outlines to have prepared as issues arise

  • Vice President

    • 117 members currently

    • Membership Committee seems to be running well and emails are being responded to

    • Discount offer to graduates is being utilized more

  • Treasurer

    • CDI workshop: need to meet with Nicole (committee chair) to catch up with how everything is going

    • Need to work on MOUs

  • Secretary

    • Newsletter

      • Need blurbs from Committees to include in the fall newsletter

      • In need of more committee members

  • MAL 1

    • Plan to reach out to professors at WOU and PCC to see about dates for ORID to meet with students during class

      • Ideally will have 2 board members attend

      • Have slides from last years as well as FAQs from last year’s student rep group

    • Continuing to work on the website

    • Had discussion with Deana Gable regarding reaching out to K-12 entities and universities to lead a workshop on hiring and screening interpreter candidates

      • Hope to have a proposal prepared Oct/Nov

    • Salem Clinic survey

      • Survey translation has 2 candidates based on suggestions from local CDIs, Mistie Owens and Jeremy Quiroga

        • One male and one female, which, depending on expense, may be advisable to hire both and give the option for respondents

        • In the process of getting translation samples and rate estimates from both

      • Translation samples to be shared with Board and OAD

      • Some confusion about who is sifting through the data

        • Originally intended to have HR from clinic analyze the data to see from which agency interpreters were sent, now the data may come straight to ORID

          • ORID would not be able to see the agencies interpreters came through to correlate the satisfaction rates

          • If appointment time/date were added to the survey, ORID may be able to identify problem times, low satisfaction rates, for the clinic to look into further should they choose to do so

          • Will contact clinic again to clarify survey plans

  • MAL 2

    • Finishing email for logo to Region V conference and details

    • Will decide how to announce and inform winners

    • Working on board priorities flyer and flyer to place in VRS centers


Committee interactions and transitions

    • New committee chairs, as well as Board members, have a difficult time figuring out where information is saved, who may have had that information, and if it was even documented

      • Important before anyone terms off or steps down is to do a write-up of responsibilities and where information is stored

      • Ask chairs to utilize shared Google Drive space for saving important documents related to function

    • Some committees running better than others, unsure how liaisons can support committee functions

      • Ask for specifics from the committee with a timeline to provide clear goals

        • Committees already have a Scope of Work for guidance

        • Those who volunteer for the committees are the people with the expertise and most fit to guide the work

        • Some are more recently established than others and may need to function at a different pace

    • Board liaisons are having a hard time knowing what committees are working on or need in the way of support

      • Ask chairs to attend Board meetings (annually, bi-annually, or quarterly) and set breakout groups with committee and liaison

        • May help to bring more people into leadership

        • Meeting time extended as Board meetings often run long currently

        • Committees are already struggling to meet current Board requests (ie. attending quarterly membership meetings), more meetings may not be well received

        • Some committees need to partner in certain circumstances (Membership and Workshop) and a meeting would allow different committees to have a direct connection with each other

        • Could not be a requirement as the 6 Board members have a challenge accommodating schedules

          • Liaisons to check-in with committee chairs to see about interest and feasibility in meeting as a whole group (Board and chairs) as well as discuss what support is needed for the committee to run at its highest level


Fall membership meeting

  • WOU program requiring all 30 students to attend fall meeting

    • Current booked room seats 44 people, will need to find a larger capacity room

      • Will be posted to website, emailed, and posted to Facebook

      • Create sign to post in previous location should anyone miss the update

  • Laurielle, MAL 2, managing food and drink

  • IPAHH after meeting

    • Mcmenamins Chapel Pub - may now be too small give the expected number of meeting attendees

    • Not many large spaces within walking distance of PCC Cascade

  • Student representatives will arrive early to help set up

  • Membership Committee to set up sign in table



  • Have a draft of motions to amend bylaws which need to be sent out to membership no less than 14 days prior to the fall membership meeting

  • There are many grammatical/formatting changes in this round of amendments

  • Will need more time to discuss some of the edits to content which will be handled through email

  • Secretary to work on disseminating motions to membership


Adjourn: 8:10

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