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Board Meeting Minutes 07/17/2017

ORID Board Meeting

July 17th 6:00pm-8:00pm



Members present:

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Audrey Loudenback

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy

MAL #2: Laurielle Aviles


Board Reports

  • President

    • 3 co-chairs (Paul Glasser (WSRID President), Mish (Region V Rep), and Jenna (ORID President))

    • Need committee chairs from any region

    • Funding for conference is from the shared Region V bank account and is enough for seed money so begin conference planning

    • Hosting chapters will split profits via point system

      • 1 for each Mish, Jenna, Paul

      • Each committee chair will be given a point

      • Each region also given a point

      • Point system to be shared with membership to be aware of how funding works

    • Currently looking for logo committee

      • Ask Mish if it’s possible to commission a logo

      • Deaf designers a possibility

      • Previously have done a call for logos and there is a prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd

    • Booked the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver

      • The location is cozy but sufficient for Region V needs and will be the only conference there.

    • Rodney O’Niel, current WOU student, will be taking over posting to Facebook

      • Jenna to send out contact information to the board and committee chairs

    • Board members are still welcome to post to the page and make position statements (with general board approval) to the page

    • Andrew has agreed to continue managing the website

    • Nicole Harwood has taken over for Mish for workshop committee chair

    • Valentino Vasquez and  Robin Shannon to support ORID in finding someone to teach CDI workshops which will provide enough hours to sit for RID exam (once available again)

    • Previously looked at the possibility that OAD would take an active partnership role but they are very busy and it may be better to look to them for feedback/ideas rather than a formal partnership

    • Will start a list of presenters of who may be appropriate to lead workshops and ask OAD for ideas

    • All are up and running

    • Jake still getting some spam

    • No delay in emails

    • Region V Conference

    • Social Media Manager and Website Manager

    • CDI Workshops

    • New emails through Google Suite

  • Vice President

    • Met with Sarah and she will be moving out of state so looking for new chair, Carina will stay on

      • Darcie seems interested and willing, will follow up

      • Possible Co-chair: Darcie Chin and Alissa McAlpine - both in ELMA (Entry Level Master program through WOU)

    • Membership Committee work is generally low-key most of the year and is busier during the renewal process

    • Some delays in email response likely due to the transition and Sarah’s moving process

    • 80 members thus far - have not yet compared to last year’s numbers - but will be uploaded to the shared drive for everyone to access

    • Jake still receiving emails of people sending renewals which happened last year into August

    • Some people may still be struggling with renewing online which may be a deterrent to renewal

    • Seems to be unclear to them if it was offered through ORID or their professor, something to keep in mind for future graduates

    • Received scholarship money for a CDI to attend the Region V conference

    • Consideration of a process for people to apply and be granted the scholarship

      • Name draw from qualified applicants

      • Needs based - 1 person or could subsidize a few people

      • Each interested party fill out an application and select from those

      • Scholarship Committee - Lydia may be available to take this on

      • Contact the donor about any stipulations

    • Need to brainstorm how to get more awareness of CDIs in the community and this may be a way to start the process

    • Currently no formal process for grievances through Affiliate Chapters - all are currently handled by RID

    • FAQs may be helpful to post to the website

      • How do I get an interpreter?

      • Facility refuses to provide me an interpreter, what can I do?

      • List of agencies provided through OAD

      • What do I do if I have a grievance regarding an interpreter?

    • Membership Committee update

    • Current 17-18 membership numbers

    • 3 recent grads are taking advantage of the discount

    • Scholarship donation

    • Grievance process

  • Secretary

    • Have been in touch with both CASLI and Comira/PSI about needing better testing sites in Oregon. They are requesting support and would like to know of possible appropriate testing sites around the state with contact information and possible proctors

      • PCC: Contact Mish Ktejik

      • WOU: Contact Erin Trine

    • OSTI - reach out to see what sites they may be aware of

    • Spoken Language testing centers already in place

    • Shared freely vs. board approved posts

      • Often those come through email and we have been helping to post but this can become an issue of any of us appearing as an intermediary or as a person to address questions and concerns when in actuality we know little about the request. May be able to request the requestor to post to the group on their own

        • Currently a closed group meaning they would have to request to be added and then post - might be better to be an open group

      • Local workshops, news and events from Washington RID ect. may all be shared freely

      • if there is any kind of official position it should be seen and approved of by the group

      • Volunteering and job posts through the group

    • Facebook group name options

      • Seems broader and could include job postings which may not need discussing

      • Accepted to be the updated name for the group

      • Oregon RID Discussion Page

      • Oregon RID Open Forum

    • Facebook page

      • Jenna will turn off posting feature

      • People are still able to post here but they are fairly hidden and overlaps with the concept of the group

      • Name will remain Oregon Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and will add a description of the purpose of the page

    • Form 990-N needs to be sent, date unknown and needing clarification

    • Need to update debit card purchases but will need to know the specifics behind what it was used for

    • Testing Centers

    • Facebook

    • Treasurer

  • MAL 1

    • Members were very responsive to documents that were developed and looking forward to using them in the future

    • A lot of processing around the donation process for PCC/WOU’s graduation celebrations that took place during the spring membership meeting

    • Collectively decided that juniors may continue on to their senior year if there were no issues

      • Students are welcome to step down after 1 year

      • Cohort can ask them to step down

      • ORID can ask them to step down

      • Currently all the juniors want to continue on to their senior year

    • Will reach out to schedule visits to classes early in the first term and share documents. Representative candidates can fill out application

      • Aim for first meeting by the end of fall quarter

      • Ask professors to facilitate the discussion leading to representative selection

    • ELMA is also getting started and may be a place to reach out to

      • Online based program so may be a challenge as there won’t be the same opportunity to meet in person

      • They are committed to the work already so rather than having representatives from the cohort they may be motivated to be more actively engaged as committee members or chairs

    • Will reach out to Valentino Vasquez to partner

    • Survey was sent last week and currently awaiting response

    • Whatever questions are approved will be developed into an ASL version

    • Emailed directly to MAL but reluctant to share completely with the whole board

    • If ORID is going to be more in an advocacy role we need to develop positions on these issues

      • To be discussed further during the retreat

    • More people have been reaching out to ORID in response to community issues

    • Will present on the models we tend to use for ASL interpreting and gain knowledge on what they are using

    • Share tools/resources of the field

    • Student reps met for final time with current committee members

    • Town hall is on hold due to schedules and preparation for live streaming

    • Partnering with Salem Medical Clinic

    • Directly contacted requesting interpreter perspective related to use of VRI

    • Will be presenting at OSTI conference: Interpreting Model Sampler

  • MAL 2

    • Currently no formal groups for minorities in ORID

      • Important to have a safe space for people who identify as being part of a minority and also have a space to include allies

      • Need to develop goals: Social get together (IPAHH style), advocacy, trainings, education

        • Discuss further during livestream

      • Statewide, CM Hall has been active in contacting LGBTQ+ interpreters for events and maintains a list but it is not shared nor are people meeting as a group

      • Reach out to other Affiliate Chapters to see what else they may have up and running or contact RID groups for ideas and support

      • Audrey to network during the conference to see about developing minority groups within ORID

    • Received an email from the LGBTQ group, BeLEGIT, of RID

Unfinished business

  • August meeting

    • Eclipse shouldn’t be an issue with most people traveling back the same or next day and the H2C time shouldn’t overlap given where the meeting will take place

    • Rescheduling would be very difficult

    • It’s already been posted and sent to membership

    • Could be an abbreviated meeting being flexible depending on who can make it

    • Interest in developing informational packet for facilities to use to explain how coordinating for ASL is different than spoken language

    • Agenda currently being developed but will take time to discuss setting new priorities

    • Date coincides with Hood to Coast and the solar eclipse happens the previous Monday

    • Concerns about people attending the meeting - is it worth the work to set it all up for few people to attend

    • Ideas for the retreat are open for discussion

New Business

  • OAD conference and DeafFest have been combined

    • Can develop materials to have available

      • Explanation of what ORID and what it can do for the community

      • Document relating to becoming a CDI

      • Sheet for documenting interpreting experiences in Oregon

      • Have documents in the drive for paper applications to become a member

      • Input/feedback cards

    • Email CM for her list of SSPs

    • Christina will be there but coordinating interpreters or interpreting due to shortage of volunteers

    • Tara able to attend from 11:30-6:00 which would cover pre-lunch and pre-dinner which are likely to be the busiest times

    • Audrey/Laurielle to develop docs and sent to Christina to print and set up the table. Tara to attend from 11:30-6:00

    • ORID has paid for a booth but does not have much in the way of materials to provide

    • Serious deficit of interpreters for the event

    • Booth

  • Region V Conference

    • Laurielle to take this on

    • Mish will send out a request for logos to Region V and Jenna will send out to presidents in region

    • Members from different Affiliate Chapters are welcome to join

    • The number of chairs delineates the points and profit sharing

    • Previously had a website which can be used and updated

    • Logo committee still needing a chair

    • Start reaching out to people to join a committee to start getting things up and going

    • Host chapter to run registration

  • Upcoming ORID workshops idea

    • Lyra Behnke on Assessment of work samples

    • Dresscode: Beyond the Black Abyss

    • Working with CDIs

    • Medical: Use of CL in the work

    • Ethics

    • Interpreting scholars presenting on their research

    • Working with minorities while not being a minority-group member; biases; correct language use/awareness

    • Working with young Deaf kids and promoting language development

    • ASLTA Process in developing portfolios


Adjourn: 8:10

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