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Board Meeting Minutes 04/20/2017

ORID Board Meeting

April 20th, 2017


6:30pm-8:30pm Membership Meeting

Agenda (Minutes below)

  • Board Reports (as needed)

    • President

      • Live Stream Application Open

      • Region 5 Conference Survey Out

    • Vice President

    • Secretary

      • Committee reports for membership meeting - filmed?

    • Treasurer

      • ORID-WOU partnership for workshops

    • MAL 1

    • MAL 2

      • Nominations update

    • Workshop

    • Membership

    • K-12

    • Communications

      • Received all committee reports

    • Scholarship and Service

  • Old Business

    • Language Policy for Board Meetings

    • Summer Meeting (Aug 24-25th?)

  • New Business

    • May 13th Membership Meeting

    • Summer Picnic

    • Time for Member Comments

      • Complaints against non-interpreter

  • Adjourn


Board Meeting Minutes

Online Meeting


Members present:

President: Jenna Curtis

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy

MAL #2: Lori Salus


Members Absent:

Vice President: Andrew Weaver

Board Reports


  • No requirement to vote to approve previous board meeting minutes

  • Priced notebooks/swag with our logo and currently seems fiscally irresponsible to make that kind of purchase


  • Live stream application

    • Erin Trine and Christina Healy to be facilitators in Monmouth and Portland respectively

    • Thus far nobody has applied

    • Jenna to create a google doc with Christina, Erin, and Tara to do targeted contacts for applications and screening

  • Region V conference

    • Survey is out from Mish

      • Post to Facebook

    • Reps have mentioned people have been less interested in regional conferences historically but there may be increased attendance with the upcoming RID conference limiting attendees


  • No invoice from Janna for Deaf Professional Series

  • All other payments caught up

  • Workshops - ORID partners with WOU

    • WOU organizes and pays presenters, ORID helps to advertise and process CEUs - how to split money from workshop

      • Money first goes to paying off all money spent (presenter fees, room fees, etc.) then remaining funds money can be split - to be negotiated with WOU

      • Draw up a MOU with WOU and ORID to sign

      • Upcoming Robyn Dean workshop has no WOU interpreters signed up

        • Can go back and check the Emily Ott workshop to see if interpreters signed up before or just showed up


  • Meet with Sarah Hafer in June for Town Hall - events tentatively scheduled for Fall and Winter

  • Student Representative Committee met Tuesday 4/18

    • Volunteers are ready to help set up and  run the registration table and clean up after

    • Yellow card/green card to mentors/mentees as a starting place for connecting people

  • Documents in development

    • Looking for a mentor, looking for a mentee, FAQs about ORID

      • Hope all will be ready for the May meeting - student to come up and present those during May meeting

      • These packets are intended to help people delve into why/how they want to mentor/be mentored so it’s more than random pairings of people who may not fit well


  • Regarding May Membership meeting

    • 2 people running for VP and MAL, 1 for Secretary

    • Everyone will have a chance to make a statement as to why they are running

      • As of now everyone is able to make the meeting, if that changes they may be able to send a video

    • Will make ballots and signs to direct people to the meeting room

    • Bios due to membership at least 2 weeks prior to the election meeting

    • Food

      • Coffee, tea, then food left from the cancelled in-person Eugene meeting

      • Need to buy veggies and fruit

    • Jenna has plates and utensils

    • Student rep works at New Seasons and they may be willing to donate food through work *update below*

      • Still in need of perishable items that she may be able to provide

    • Room is paid

    • Technology for meeting

      • Tech there at 9:30 to help set up with Jenna


Committee Updates

  • Workshop

    • More communication needed between liaison and committee - we need sufficient revenue from workshops to be able to make donations and contributions to other groups

    • Need to know how much money is coming in from workshops/events

    • As Mish steps down as Chair there needs to be an update of email/name attached to that


New Business

  • Email issue

    • Some emails are being lost

    • Email and website are both not user friendly

      • Wix could be an option - easy to set up a new website

      • Payment had been an important feature but it currently is going through PayPal anyway

      • Wix has modules and applications that can be added in for tracking membership

      • Seems ineffective to use a web master when we could control it internally

      • Possible to establish a Google based system to use with everyone for email and Wix

      • Impact to membership

        • More impactful to the board than to membership as a whole

        • Might be less or more expensive

          • Recent year was $70 paid to the webmaster

          • Last FY there was a great deal spent on website renewal - $1,800

          • Yearly payment for the current domain name

        • All of our membership are potential board members - doubtful that there would be opposition

  • Funding for pinning ceremony

    • Always asked and always given

    • Could create a motion and have this as a standing donation

      • It’s nice for the students to come to and request funds and allow the membership to offer that on a yearly basis

    • Thank you notes received: share with all of membership - take a picture and post

  • Language policy during meeting

    • Adobe Connect more challenging in ASL due to slow speed and occasional choppiness of video

      • When using Adobe Connect for online meeting, all those joining can type a language preference in the chat box

      • Chat box will be continuously monitored for any late arrivals

      • When sending out link for the meeting, send language policy as well

    • Language use is of board discretion unless a specific language need is made known and the board is always happy to accommodate

  • Summer Picnic

    • Previously had a summer picnic/meeting - nobody recalls it

    • Rather than picnic, will have fun social event during the summer meeting

  • Complaint against signer (OAD)

    • Deaf person went to clinic where a “qualified signer” (person does not identify as an interpreter) was used and communication was ineffective

    • Complaint was made to clinic

      • Response was that the appointment was not of great consequence

    • Complaint made to OAD

      • Chad went to clinic

      • ASL interpreting agency told office they were the only agency available - if that is the case the agency is the party in ethical violation and may need to be addressed

    • ORID response

      • Christina to talk to Chad about how we can be most effective in the conversation that has already started

      • RID takes complaints against certified interpreters but there needs to be a formal way to address agency owners who make unethical decisions

  • ORID community action

  • We 6 represent all of Oregon for interpreting - we need to be able to feel bold enough to interject in issues that arise throughout our community

    • All too often Deaf clients are not empowered to say something when an interpreter is not meeting their needs resulting in missed information, medical or otherwise

    • Clinics are at times dismissing interpreters due to other reasons - having a signing person in the facility

    • We want ORID to take part in these issues, as well as legislative action - as of now is feels like the organization is doing  a great deal to just keep running

      • Clarify when members represent ORID or themselves as an individual

        • As future instances arise send an email to the board about intentions and for what kind of support is needed

      • ORID does not have a lawyer

        • Only imaginable litigious issue would be slander

        • ORID’s role includes education -

          • What is an interpreter, who is certified, what means qualified, where it is possible to find interpreters, etc.

    • OSTI has documents explaining why it is important to have a qualified interpreter including pertinent statistics

  • Could add another position within ORID focused on writing letters and seeking advocacy opportunities



  • Sorenson is the only continuous organizational member

    • Membership committee will be looking into more opportunities

  • Renewal needs to be blasted out several times as it is our main source of revenue

  • It needs to be very clear what members are getting from being members rather than feeling like it is a donation

    • We are a professional organization part of the role is simply connection. Often people who aren’t involved don’t realize what they are lacking

  • Social activity after meetings - people don’t always want to drive a distance for a board meeting on its own

    • Meetings used to take place around workshops but then people weren’t staying for the meetings

    • A lot of positive response from people during fall meeting regarding breaking up into committees

    • Christina could start a group about hot topics - complaints, community issues, etc.

    • We need to be out of our meeting space by a certain time but interested groups may be able to continue their conversations in the coffee shop for May

    • People are not always willing to give up their time but if we give them a place and a voice to share their experiences with each other and provide an avenue of support there is more direct benefit felt

    • Terp talk - possible to establish through ORID to have a mix of people, new interpreters, seasoned people

      • Terp talk is not yet established everywhere so some people don’t have that opportunity

    • Social hour could be moved to follow the meeting which might be more beneficial for connecting either each other

      • Spring meeting we should keep it as is because that’s what has been sent out but that can be looked at more for future meetings


OAD Conference

  • Lori and Tara available for Friday

    • Can take turns managing the table and going to interpret as volunteers are still needed

  • Booth to be discussed at a later time


Summer meeting to be held for next meeting


Adjourn 8:45



New Seasons not able to donate this time around, hit quota for May already.


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