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Board Meeting Minutes 03/23/2017

ORID Board Meeting

March 23rd, 2017


7:00pm-9:00pm Membership Meeting

  • Board Reports (as needed)

    • MAL 1

      • Nominations

    • President

      • OAD meeting with VP Steven Brown re: Licensure

      • HB 3397 ORID Recommendations  

    • Vice President

    • Secretary

      • Career fair update

      • Bylaws updates

    • Treasurer

    • MAL 2

  • Committee Reports

    • Workshop

    • Membership

    • K-12

    • Communications

      • Newsletter - Liaisons be in touch with Chairs regarding committee update

    • Scholarship and Service

  • Old Business

    • RID LEAD Conference Slot Vote

  • New Business

    • 2018 Region 5 Conference OR/WA?

      • WSRID supports Vancouver location in summer or early fall of 2018.  

    • Live Streaming RID Conference

      • Monmouth Location - Contact: Erin Trine

      • Portland Location - ?

    • OAD Conference Sponsorship Request

    • Language Policy for Board Meetings

    • Summer Meeting Date?

  • Time for Member Comments

  • Adjourn


Board Meeting Minutes

Online Meeting


Members present:

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Andrew Weaver

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy

MAL #2: Lori Salus


Board Reports

  • MAL #2

    • Room booked at Broadway Coffeehouse - Mongolia Room

    • Nominations Accepted:

      • VP: Audrey Loudenback, Andrew Weaver

      • MAL: Laurielle Aviles, Audrey Averill

      • Secretary: Tara Troup

    • Nominees will be asked to comment during the meeting or send in a video/written statement for the meeting

    • Bios with picture to be posted at least 2 weeks before the membership meeting - send to Andrew to be posted

  • President

    • OAD Steven Brown re: Licensure

      • Draft was sent to senator Lew Frederick with our logo and name though we are not yet prepared to pursue that nor had reviewed suggestions. Are happy to collaborate in the future.

      • Meeting with Steven Brown confirmed that pursuit of licensure will be held until next legislative session - will look into options for Oregon over the next year about what other states are doing and how we can move forward

        • UK has possible model: graduates become trainees (pre-certs need paths to certification)

      • Communication is a huge priority in how we are collaborating

    • HB 3397

      • The currently written bill uses the word “translator” inappropriately. The ADA does not include the term “translator” and if the State is relying on the ADA it should match the language that the federal law

      • Vote: All in favor of sending the letter

  • VIce President

    • No pictures submitted for the website of people interpreting

      • Can post to FB again to remind people

    • Deaf Professional Series: on track - set to go at PCC - 1 registrant online

      • Last year several people just showed up at the door

      • Food to be discussed - how many to expect to feed

  • Treasurer

    • None

  • Secretary

    • Career Fair

      • Connected with a few students about how ORID can make a bigger impact

        • Students would feel more valued if they were able to vote

        • Speed dating to meet working interpreters

          • Set up an event to connect as many students with working interpreters as possible for future mentoring/interviews/observations

        • Workshops on campus have been well received - more students are able and willing to attend if they are easily acceptable

        • Host a social at the college

    • Bylaws changes

      • Several bylaws need to be updated. They are currently being looked over and are in the shared google drive

  • MAL #1

    • All 6 student reps have presented

      • 3 docs: for mentees, for mentors, FAQs for membership meetings

      • Some students still are unsure of what ORID and RID are

    • Town Hall meeting to be in the works soon

    • Regional Reps

      • 1 last email to be sent out in attempt to contact but Membership will be taking that on to update addresses

Committee Reports

  • Mish stepping down from Workshop Committee - Jake to email

  • Communications needs committee reports from Chairs to include in the Newsletter - Liaisons please contact the chair to see about putting together some kind of report


  • There were unexpected extra slots for the conference which was sent out to the board and committee chairs. Brenda Puhlman was the only person interested  and was selected to attend

  • Jenna will be attending. Tara and Andrew both interested for the second slot

    • Put to an anonymous vote after statements made by each and Tara selected

New Business

  • During the Region 5 Presidents’ meeting it was announced that the 2018 Region 5 Conference (held biannually) will be held in either Oregon or Washington

    • WSRID suggested not Seattle as it’s too expensive. Vancouver, Washington is a viable option and has one hotel that would accommodate the needs of the conference. Jantzen Beach, Oregon is an option as well.

    • Goal is to work collaboratively with WSRID and develop 1 committee to host the conference and host in the city that can best accommodate

      • Peter Norland, who has helped with DPS and the OAD conference, could be asked to help coordinate as well as CM Hall

  • RID Live Streaming for Conference

    • Erin Trine interested in facilitation - facilitating discussion for hybrid event

      • Well versed in technology

    • Jenna to resend information on registration which can be an individual or a group

    • Inquiry of interest was sent around the state

      • Southern Oregon: no response

      • Bend: no one to facilitate

      • Eugene: no one to facilitate

      • WOU/Salem: Erin Trine to facilitate

      • Portland: looking for possible facilitators

        • Jean Miller and Christina possible facilitators

    • Portland’s event can be held at PCC at no cost

  • OAD Conference Sponsorship

    • Conference to be held June 16-17

    • Provided sponsorship options are expensive given that ORID is nonprofit

    • Budget concerns

      • Projected income based on previous membership years and workshops though it is  unknown how many workshops will be held/expected income from those - current budget items were based on an overestimated income

      • We will likely be going negative this year especially with any further donations

      • Possibly will have more income next year with more membership outreach

    • ORID wants to show support and be present for the conference though other groups and logos are often from for profit groups

    • Sponsor interpreters (pay for costs) or help recruit and coordinate volunteer interpreters

      • Previously there were paid and volunteer interpreters there which can seem unfair to those volunteering

      • Christina already doing this in OAD capacity

      • ORID may be in a conflict if needing to select interpreters from those who volunteer

        • Liability for ORID sending interpreters directly is greater than offering a financial donation

    • OAD website can an additional option for vendor tables ($50)

      • Set a table with attendant and letter of support and offer to post conference info to Facebook and website

      • Christina is conference coordinator and also from ORID as is Peter Norland so ORID members are working to support the conference as it stands

      • Vote for a vendor booth: 4 yes, 0 against, 1 abstention

      • Andrew, Tara, and Lori available June 16th to work the table. Jake may be available for a shift

    • At some point may discuss the mutual benefit for OAD/ORID to including each other’s logos for big events in a show of support

Motion to extend to 9:15

  • Vote: Unanimously passes

Language policy for board meetings

  • Full discussion to be held for next meeting due to time

  • ORID standing policy is that “The meeting will be held in a language accessible to all”

    • All membership meetings are conducted in ASL

    • Streamed meeting may be either ASL or English

      • People may join with unknown language preferences

      • Online platform can be challenging to use with freezing and lag which has language impacts

Summer Meeting/Retreat

  • Important both new and old members meet to communicate the roles and standards of the group and position as there has been a great deal of lost information in transitions

  • Location

    • Beach in summer may allow more people to attend if there is a destination that family may also be interested in

  • If 2-day, 1 day for old and new board together, evening membership meeting to welcome the new board member(s), 1 day for new board to conduct business

  • Weekdays may have more availability for people in the summer as weekends often book quickly

Adjourn 9:20


Action Items:

Christina: email Jean Miller regarding facilitator for the Lead Conference

Jenna: email board the satellite RID conference info

Jenna: Email letter re: HB

Jake: Email Mish about what is happening with the workshop committee

Tara: email Jake and Andrew the request for committee updates from Audrey

Jake/Andrew/Tara: Email committee chairs about sending an update for the newsletter

Jenna: send out Doodle poll for summer meeting date

2017 Open Board Nominees
Board Meeting Minutes 02/15/2017


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