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Board Meeting Minutes 02/15/2017

Board Meeting Agenda

February 15th 6pm-8pm

  • Board Updates

    • President

      • OHCIA Phone Meeting

      • RID LEAD Conference Slots

        • General Lottery March 1st-31st

        • Lottery registrants will be notified if they were chosen by April 28th

        • ORID must inform RID 30 days before the conference of the names

    • Vice President

      • Deaf Professional Series Update

  • Board Nominations

  • Committee Updates Link to Monthly Reports

  • Request for funding from WOU students for Nicaragua trip

  • Summer retreat date


Board Meeting Minutes

Online Meeting


Members present:

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Andrew Weaver

Secretary: Tara Troup

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

MAL #2: Lori Salus (Joining at 7:00)


Members absent:

MAL #1: Christina Healy


  • Jacob and Lynne (senior rep from WOU cohort) joining for meeting


OHCIA (Oregon Health Care Interpreter Association) phone meeting with Austin M.

  • Runs on a grant and will be working to push legislation related to interpreting. Currently there is no certification for medical interpreters required by law

  • Currently offering a 60 hour health care interpreter training and looking to train more ASL interpreters

  • Links to be added to ORID website to disseminate information about training opportunities

  • Training will provide CEUs (Austin contacted Mish already about arranging)

  • ORID board welcome to attend training modules to become an ambassador for the trainings


Conference Lottery

  • Two tickets given to ORID to use as seen fit

    • ORID to pay for slots and hotel cost

      • Jenna to ask Mish about how to coordinate payment

  • Jenna will be able to attend

  • Extra ticket options

    • Random drawing to membership

      • Screening based on need or leadership, would need to happen soon

    • Send another board member

      • Preference is to send a second board member

        • Christina unable to attend, Jake not interested, Lori unable to attend

        • Andrew and Tara interested but terms are up for reelection before the conference takes place (may not be on the board when the conference happens)

          • Wait until after elections to select a person - timeline for attendee to book flight/plan will be more limited

          • Add to March agenda to discuss and make a decision regarding who will attend the conference


Deaf Professional Series

  • No venue booked for Portland, possibly PCC. No confirmation from Deaf presenters (Guthrie and Janna). Dates uncertain

  • Susie Friberg had been running the series, with her recent move, roles remain uncertain

  • Peter Norland helping to establish the Portland presentation

  • Peter, Lori, Andrew, and Jenna to coordinate offline about what is happening with the series


WOU Career Fair

  • Tara to attend - will have the banner and swag (pens). There in an informational capacity

  • If there are any other ideas on anything else that would be helpful to have, contact Tara

  • What other swag could ORID provide that would be of interest to people?

    • NAD conference provided a notebook - useful and branding

    • Price notebooks with ORID logo to be considered for budget - Tara and Jenna


MAL #1 update via email

  • Christina and Sarah Hafer will start working together on the town halls in April

  • Together with students a FAQ sheet has been developed and are being taken back to cohorts for feedback

  • There has been minimal response from interpreters in various regions around Oregon. To be passed to Membership and Communications to check on accurate member info and inquire about regional reps


Treasurer Update

  • 1099s sent and IRS paperwork dealt with

  • PO box up for renewal - will renew for one more year


Committee Updates

  • Communications

    • Newsletter is coming along and will be done in an online format

    • Next meeting tomorrow 2/16

    • Membership to contact members about information updates (email, phone, address). Following this Communications can help to contact people regarding regional reps

  • K-12

    • Continuing to work on the Facebook page as well as an Oregon listserv for K-12 interpreters

  • Membership

    • Andrew will ask Membership Committee about how to go about updating the contact information for current members

  • Workshop

    • Everything going smoothly and most everything is done for the season

  • Scholarship and Service

    • Committee has been discussing minor changes to the 3 motions passed during the full membership meeting. Board has reviewed the changes and feel that the committee is looking to make changes that match the intent and spirit of the original motions

      • Board agrees to approve the Scholarship and Service Committee ability to make minor changes themselves and not bring every minor edit to the whole board

        • The final version of the 3 pieces of the motions to be delivered to the board for a review - any process questions from the committee can be brought forward at any time

        • Thank you Scholarship and Service for your hard work!


Board Nominations

  • Election to take place at the next membership meeting

  • Lori, Tara, and Andrew (MAL#2, Secretary, and Vice President respectively) terms ending this year and up for nomination

  • Nomination process

    • Get the word out for nominations, email people who were nominated, gather a list of names for a vote

    • Communications Committee to develop a flyer/email to request names for nominations

      • Connect with Lori about details on what the information looked like last year

      • Lori will continue to be the contact person

      • Board to provide input and contact people about joining the board

    • Lori to book Broadway Coffee House for Salem meeting

    • Tara to run again, Lori may depending on availability for next year, Andrew is able to run again if nobody else is willing


Request for funding for WOU Nicaragua trip (WOU Foundation)

  • Trip dates March 23-April 1

  • 5 days in Nicaragua at a Deaf school to help repaint buildings, bring tools and supplies that can be difficult to find and made worse by a recent hurricane

  • 10 people: Advisor: Patrick Graham, Professor: Audrey Loudenback, 6 interpreting students (3 Sr. 3 Jr.), 1 Deaf student, 1 Deaf studies student

  • A lot of current research being done on sign language there as the language is only 20 years old at this point

  • Build cultural competencies

  • Looking for funding: advertise through facebook, blog on the website for donations, can donate financially, college will not allow a Go Fund Me account

    • Can certainly advertise on the membership pages

  • Budget - $20,000/10 people and thus far is fully out of pocket

    • ORID can donate to a part of the budget - tools, shirt, Manos Unitus, Nicaraguan Sign Language lessons...

      • Looking to have funds set by March 3rd

      • Membership does not need to vote on it but requires a board discussion/vote

        • Membership has consistently voted to support students

        • ORID budget has been negative the last several years, what we can actually afford is unclear at the moment. We have about $1000 before going into the red for this FY

        • All board members would like to support the trip in some way - can choose a specific amount or choose which things we would like to pay for and add that up to a total

          • Vote to donate $250 for WOU students on their trip

            • Unanimous in favor

        • Good for the future, what specifically would you want ORID to help finance - tools, classes, a presentation about the trip etc.

          • Please share information about the trip when you return!


Kevin Poole CDI Workshop

  • Thus far no contact about where to send the check, will wait and see if Kevin makes contact regarding the donation

  • Donations that are made on behalf of ORID should be posted to make the membership aware of where their monies are going


Summer retreat dates to be held until the next meeting due to time

Adjourn 8:15

Board Meeting Minutes 03/23/2017
WOU Nicaragua Service Learning Trip


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