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Board Meeting Minutes 06/04/2017

Board Meeting Minutes

Online Meeting



Members present:

President: Jenna Curtis

Vice President: Andrew Weaver

Treasurer: Jake Sparks

Secretary: Tara Troup

MAL #1: Christina Healy

MAL #2: Lori Salus


Board Reports

  • President

    • Livestream

      • Still searching for one more person for the Portland group. Monmouth has 5 and Portland has 4 attendees. Both groups are registered and paid for.

      • Erin and Christina are working on training to become facilitators

        • June 11 for online training

        • Christina to report back about the facilitator training

    • Emails

      • 503-C nonprofit qualifies ORID for free google suite services and can access Microsoft products as well

        • Application submitted and accepted - will be working with Mary (webmaster) to transition the service

      • President email hacked 2 times

        • 2 emails sent to Jake asking for money to be deposited into an account

      • Lag in receiving emails due to forwarding through another system

      • Need to make sure emails are archived and will work on the gmail transition before the next board meeting

  • Vice President

    • ITP Graduating party

      • ORID should host an event for new graduates

        • Seemed that both PCC and WOU wanted to keep with own events  and a motion was passed during the last meeting for ongoing funding

      • Budget is limited - $300 possibly inviable to do annually

        • Treasurer knowing more about the budget after this first year has clarified some monetary concerns and does seem viable

      • Different ceremony options

        • Go into a classroom and meet with students to offer congratulations

        • Letter ceremony to give new graduates their congratulatory letter

        • Come meet your new colleagues event

          • Party and meet and greet with people working in the community

          • Students (PCC and WOU) and interpreters get together to have more questions for each other

            • Question how many working interpreters would be willing to attend this kind of event

        • Summer meeting could become the welcoming event during the social hour with cake and congratulatory remarks

      • Table for next year

    • Salem Deaf Professional Series (DPS)

      • Lower turnout than Portland

        • Approximately 15 in Portland

        • 8 attendees and 3 volunteers in Salem - lost money for this event

          • 1 person registered online and others showed up at the door

      • Peter Norland has handed over to treasurer the cash/forms from the event

      • DPS is going to be housed under the Workshop Committee for next year

    • Letter to organizations

      • Letter intended to encourage organizations to join ORID and give back to the community of interpreters

      • Posting organization names on ORID website

        • There have been many emails through the website looking for an interpreting agency and people may see these organizations/agencies and assume they are ORID endorsed

        • Not a lot of tangible benefits for organizational members as is

        • Separate page for organizational members, organizations that support ORID

          • Caveat at the top that explains that ORID is not endorsing any of these but that they are supporting organizational members

          • Add link to OAD’s website to see their comprehensive list of agencies

      • Vote: unanimous in favor of establishing a supporting organizational member page on the website

  • Treasurer

    • Postcards

      • Membership asked for monetary approval for postcards for membership renewal

      • Had discussed it as a board previously and then with Membership Committee as well

        • Planned to wait until early registrants renewed then would mail postcards to those who had not yet done so

      • Comfortable up to $200

        • Membership is priced at $45 means 5 members renewing would balance the cost

    • Renewed the CMT

    • Still awaiting an invoice from Janna for Portland DPS

  • Secretary

    • Motion Reporting form available online via ORID website

      • Intended use is for members to submit a motion they would like to be addressed at the next membership meeting

      • Bylaw changes require a 60 day notice to the board prior to a vote - the online form allows members to submit these in advance

    • CASLI

      • Complaints about the testing site

        • Went to visit the site and found there to be issues

          • Next to an office which raises noise concerns and general clutter/lack of professional space for a testing facility

      • Currently the sites in the northwest include one in Portland, one in Bellingham, WA. As of yet none established in Idaho

      • Contacted the CASLI Testing Director for information and awaiting response

  • MAL #1

    • Salem Clinic

      • Spoke to lead patient specialist (Lori) and HR (Greg) to see how to work together and resolve interpreting service issues. Staff isn’t getting complaints but ORID is. Possible that the number of people with complaints would be within an expected range, but important to collect data to assess

      • Developing a paper survey that staff can hand to Deaf patients with a QR code - could view the survey in ASL - and return the survey before they leave the appointment

        • Asking OAD and ORID to help to draft the survey and work on providing the message in ASL

        • ASL version of survey to be done by a CDI - possibly somebody who does not generally work in the area

          • Robin Shannon and Sarah Hafer are both based north, Vancouver area

          • Possible to partner with interpreter team to translate the survey

          • Payment to develop this

            • CDIs are often requested to volunteer their services

            • Salem clinic may not be willing to pay

            • ORID could pay for this and use the video/survey to take other places

      • Getting Portland involved

        • Many clinics contract with spoken language agencies with unqualified interpreters - Deaf people may avoid doctors, don’t understand the interpreters, and are disempowered to ask questions

        • To approach the clinic, acknowledge first that it is a nationwide problem and has been for decades and is something that the interpreting community is attempting to address

          • Start with Salem clinic and see if that data can be used and taken to other clinics.

          • ORID does not need this data specifically, and may not be offered by the clinics, but will encourage clinics to line up the data with the agencies as well as interpreters - are complaints all due to last minute appointments or from a specific place

      • Greater issue of empowering Deaf people, especially in medical settings

      • West Salem Clinic would be a place to check as well after this initial process

        • Progressive style clinic and may be more open to starting a survey process

    • OSTI

      • Conference happening in September

        • Possible to present at an OSTI conference to provide ASL perspective

      • Monthly interpreter meet-ups with spoken/ASL interpreters

        • Spoken language interpreting profession is lagging in US and are working to improve professional standards and gain qualified interpreters

        • There is a great deal more research and data on other language interpreting so there is a lot to be gained bilaterally

    • New Wix website draft

      • Membership is looking into apps for accepting payment and organizing membership

      • Not a good time to switch over as it is membership renewal time and it would be confusing

Committee Updates

  • Communications

    • Newsletter survey soon to be posted and would appreciate everyone’s responses to make improvements for the future


Summer Retreat/Meeting

  • Planned August 24/25

  • Beach - sites there are more expensive

    • Groupon could be used for a discounted rate

    • Check-in time may be an issue if we are trying to use a hotel for the meeting place

  • Membership meeting

    • May be low attendance - people unwilling to drive to the beach

    • If a 2 day event, meeting held on 2nd day with the full new board

  • Asking board to stay overnight out of pocket may not be fair to require

    • Have an online meeting before to work on handoff then meet in person for one day and hold the membership meeting that night

    • Could keep it simple and go to PCC with a lunch

    • If at the beach, may encourage people to go to a meeting they otherwise wouldn’t attend- a few interpreters do live on the coast who may want to attend - getting off the I-5 corridor is a good reaching out mechanism for people not located where meetings are generally held

    • Have another fun activity to be a bigger draw for people to come to - fire pit and marshmallows to enjoy after the meeting

    • Post it on the website and FB

      • Communications Committee to post

    • Decision: meet all day on Friday Aug 25th and Lori and Andrew will meet with Audrey and Laurielle before July for a handoff

      • MAL position changes depending on the person who fills the role and what their interests are

        • MAL seems to mainly entail reaching out to the community and bringing that back to the board, essentially acting as a community liaison

  • Would be helpful to have the prior board there for the board meeting/membership meeting to maintain historical knowledge as we transition with the new board

ORID Facebook Group

  • Facebook Page established for formal correspondence and group is open dialogue

  • Issue arose when a committee chair posted who people should vote for in the RID election in the ORID group

    • Member emailed and informed president that this could look like an ORID chair telling people who to vote for especially without any further information

      • Posted in response to comment: remember to vote for RID positions along with link and mentioned that ORID does not endorse any particular candidate

    • Patrick Galasso used to run the Facebook group

      • Now anyone can join, anyone can add anyone - over 500 members currently

        • The number of members is essentially a repository for all people who have lived and come through Oregon

      • Some people have been blocked but it’s unclear as to who it was or who did the blocking  

      • There is no protocol and essentially no moderating for the page

    • Concern about ORID’s name being attached to a group that is going unmoderated and confusion from members about the page/group

      • Could remove ORID from the group name and become an Oregon Interpreter group for public discussion

      • ORID group members have generally been good about posting appropriate things on the group

      • Considerations to keeping the ORID named group

        • Doesn’t seem to make a difference to people whether we keep that name or not

        • If people do make inappropriate remarks there would be no manner of control/response to it

        • ORID doesn’t have another place for this kind of open dialogue (for ORID members and others) to happen outside of the group

          • Promotes interpreting as a profession - can be a learning opportunity for people regarding how to interact appropriately on social media

      • Could clarify the names of the page and group

        • ORID Board Announcements and ORID Community Discussion Group

          • Spelling the ORID name out completely helps people search for the group

        • Need for a moderator if the group is kept

          • Dedicate a member to this role to ensure people follow the guidelines and not post off topic

          • Need to develop guidelines to be enforceable

      • Vote: Keep the group and page for ORID - 4, No - 0, abstain - 2

      • Communications Committee will discuss options for group/page names to bring back to the board for the next meeting

      • Policy and procedure for Facebook page has been posted, board to review and see if applicable to the group

Parliamentary Procedure - tabled until next meeting


Last meeting for Andrew and Lori - thank yous all around for your work and dedication


Adjourn 8:10

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