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August 2016 Vlog


Hello, My name is Jenna Curtis, president of ORID. I am excited to bring you this vlog for August 2016.


I would like to discuss the ORID board retreat, which took place Tuesday August 16th, 9am to 3pm. During this time the board discussed many topics. Please refer to the minutes on our website for more detailed information:


Survey Responses

Most of the board discussions centered around the ORID survey that was distributed for member feedback last month. 88 people responded to the survey; ORID thanks these members for their feedback. During the retreat the board held a drawing to provide one of the survey respondent with a free membership to thank them for their time completing the survey. The winner is Stacey Rainey!


The survey responses have been compiled into an infographic that clearly displays the results for members. You can find the infographic on our website (


After reviewing the survey results the board identified 5 priorities, consistent with members top priorities.


ORID’s 2016 priorities:

  • Professional Development

  • Organizational Partnerships

  • New Interpreter Support

  • Legislative Action

  • Consumer Education


These are ORID’s top priorities for this year!


At the end of the minutes is a list of action items the board brainstormed to start helping us start to reach these goals. However, the board alone cannot decide how to move forward, we need member input and support.


The survey results also indicated what members like about ORID. The top three responses were; Professional Development, providing workshops and other educational opportunities, Networking, hosting events such as IPAHH and other opportunities for interpreters to get together and socialize, The People, the board and other committee members.


Survey results also showed areas for improvement. Many members responded with feedback that the board has taken into account and is working to improve. The first area is more clear communication and  information, some members indicated that information differed between sources. Going forward ORID will try to have more clear and transparent communication with members.


Improving Communication

In an attempt to make communication clear ORID has established a facebook page. Thus far ORID has used a private Facebook group, this is a great place for members to make posts, have discussions, pose questions, and share information with other members. However, ORID needs a formal way to communicate information regarding its actions. ORID took inspiration from OAD’s organizational Facebook page which they use to relay information to stakeholders. Members who are curious about recent ORID decisions or events can now visit the Facebook page to learn more. Please make sure you like both the Facebook page and group.


Serving Statewide

Statewide interpreter support was also an area of concern for members responding to the survey. It is important that ORID support all interpreters around the state. ORID is now investigating the use of distance technology to ensure that members can be involved in meetings without having to drive many hours for meetings. ORID wants to have representation from interpreters all over the state.


Member Involvement - Continuing and New Committees

The final area identified was the need for more member involvement in the organization. There are many approaches that can be taken to accomplish this goal; one way members can be involved is by joining a committee. ORID has had a strong workshop committee and the K-12 committee, which is on hold and searching for a new chair (please consider joining this committee if you are interested).


During the retreat the board elected to establish three new committees to aid us in reaching our goals:

  • A Membership committee that will focus on membership records, renewals and recruitment.  

  • A Communications committee that will aid in formal communication between ORID and the members. Possible action items for this committee are the monthly newsletter, management of social media and formal membership communications.

  • And finally a Scholarship and Service committee, which  will be chaired by CM Hall, who at the last ORID meeting made several motions regarding scholarships for new interpreters and pro-bono interpreting services. The committee will investigate these motions and other approaches for accomplishing the goals of scholarship and service, develop a scope of work, and propose it for a formal vote at the next membership meeting.


The appointment of these new committees means that we need YOUR help! Individuals who are willing to serve in ORID and help us all achieve our shared goals. There are many ways to be involved, by giving a few hours a week or by volunteering for a one-time event. ORID will be contacting members who indicated they were interested in volunteering on the survey.


One of the best ways to involve yourself with ORID is to come to quarterly membership meetings. During the retreat the board set dates for the next years membership meetings. Make sure you check them out below and put them on your calendars now. If you would like more information please contact us.


Thank You.


2016 ORID Membership Meetings:


October 8, 2016

9:00-10:00am Social hour

10:00-12pm Membership meeting



January 7, 2017

11:00-12:00 Social hour

12:00-2:00pm Membership meeting



May 13, 2017

10:00-11:00am Social hour

11:00-1:00pm Membership meeting


Board Meeting Minutes 9/12/16
Board Retreat Minutes 8/16/16


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