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2016 Board Nominations


Jenna Curtis:

Jenna Curtis is a freelance interpreter in the Portland area, working primarily in post-secondary, business, and community settings. She graduated from the ASL/English Interpreting Program at Western Oregon University and received her RID:NIC in 2011.

Jenna has been presenting workshops and training interpreters on the Demand-Control Schema and supervision sessions since 2012. She also coordinates Western Oregon University's Professional Supervision for Interpreting Practice (PSIP) Program, a one year post-graduate program that provides mentoring and supervision for recent graduates entering the field.

Jenna believes input from all stakeholders is the foundation of a strong organization. She hopes to facilitate a statewide discussion on professional standards and interpreter education. She would like to see positive change in the Oregon interpreting community, resulting in increased quality of services for Deaf and hard of hearing communities. (Click here for ASL)

Jessica Van Winkle:

Jessica Van Winkle has been an active member of ORID since 2009.  Starting as a Student Rep in her second year of PCC SLIP, she ran for position of Treasurer in 2012 and has been ORID’s Treasurer for 4 years.  During her time as Treasurer she created a budget for ORID, made the organization a 501-C3 again and has served on the website committee and helped create the new web page for ORID.  Jessica has recently received NIC certification from RID and feels the responsibility that this new label puts upon her.  A President has many responsibilities too, and Jessica feels she can serve ORID well by being in this position and having the support from the ORID Board and members of the organization to successfully do this job.


Tara Troup:

Tara Troup is a product of the Pacific Northwest having grown up in Washington and now residing in Oregon. She graduated from Western Oregon University’s interpreting program in 2009 and has since been working in various settings in the field. After primarily working post-secondary and then K-12, she has now happily settled into Portland and been working the last 2 years as a full time freelance interpreter with some time in VRS.

Tara’s goal in being involved with ORID as secretary is to garner more involvement from the greater interpreting community of Oregon with a more specific desire to work towards developing mentorship opportunities for new interpreters. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise from seasoned interpreters that could be utilized to safely usher new graduates into the field. Tara is hopeful to see more mentoring happen to both support the profession as well as instill confidence for consumers.

During her off time Tara enjoys hiking the beautiful outdoors that Oregon has to offer and tasting the many delicious microbrews produced locally.


Audrey Averill

Audrey Averill is aK-12 educational interpreter working in the Eugene/Springfield area, and she does freelance and post-secondary work on the side.  She graduated form Western Oregon Uniersity's ITP in 2012 and received her NIC later that same year.  In her free time, Audrey can be found walking her cat, Twister, or playing the intense sport of Pickleball.

In 2015, Audrey was involved in the Eugene/Springfield Shadowed Productions of the Vagina Monologues.  That production provided a wonderful opportunity for interperers and Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals to work together, collaborate and put on an amazing performance.  Sine that time, she has been looking for ways to become more involved in both the interpreting and the Deaf communities here in Oregon.  Audrey hopes that her role with ORID will provide her with opportunities to continue to develop and nurture the relationship between those two communities.  With a minor in business and a love for numbers, she would be a great fit for ORID treasurer position. 

Nicole Harwood:

Nicole Harwood is an Oregon native. She grew up in Beaverton, and left the state to attend college. Nicole received her Bachelor's degree from University of Nevada, in Reno in 2010. Her Deaf professor encouraged her to simultaneously attend Western Nevada College in pursuit of a Deaf Studies AA, since interpreter education options in northern Nevada were limited. Through the mentorship of her Deaf professors, and many out of state interpreting workshops, she was able to successfully pass the EIPA and get RID ED:K-12 certification.

Life took a brief detour to Las Vegas, where she worked as a part-time freelance interpreter in a variety of settings. Nicole and her husband decided it was time to move the family back home to Oregon in 2013.

Nicole is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies from Western Oregon University. She is passionate about interpreter education, research, and the interpreting profession. Recently, she was able to make the career switch and leave her full time position in retail management. She now dedicates her working time to freelance interpreting in the Portland area and working VRS, while her family time is dedicated to her husband and their seven and one year old sons.

Nicole believes in the future of our profession, and knows that future is shaped by our involvement.

Jake Sparks:

Jake Sparks is a certified interpreter in the Portland area. He graduated from the Interpreter Training Program at Portland Community College in 2010 and has been a freelance interpreter ever since, with the addition of some VRS work in recent years.
Jake would like to join the board of ORID to help increase the involvement of the organization in the community. He hopes to foster a partnership with OAD, increase involvement from the membership, and strengthen the unity of the interpreting community in Oregon. He feels the best fit for him at this time is the treasurer position, due to his love of numbers and filling out forms. He hopes to continue the excellent work done by the previous treasurer and be an active member of the board in other arenas as well.

MAL #1

Rae Gilmore:

Rae Gilmore is a native of Salem, Oregon. Graduating in 2000 from Western Oregon University with a BA in Sign Language Interpretation to English Translation, Rae enjoys using her skillsas an Educational Interpreter and has been with the Salem-Keizer School District for 16 years. During that time she also worked in areas of Freelance Interpreting as well as six years within the challenging yet rewarding adventures of Video Relay Interpreting.

With a positive outlook and a zest for living a creative art filled life, Rae enjoys traveling with her awesome husband and beautiful 14 year old daughter and says, “Even though I have lived in Salem, Oregon my entire life, I really enjoy traveling and searching out exciting and beautiful elements of every adventure…..bringing some home or just carrying them with mein my heart.”

As a lifelong learner Rae enjoys attending many interpreting related workshops as well as volunteering in the Deaf community.

When she’s not interpreting, Rae can be found at home gardening, at the local coffee house with friends or the aisles of various bead and craft store, that is unless it’s summer and her Passport is in hand!

Christina Healy:

Christina Healy is thrilled to have returned to the Pacific Northwest and is working as a freelance interpreter in the Willamette Valley and getting reacquainted with the wonderful Deaf and interpreting communities in Oregon. She earned her BS in ASL/English Interpreting from Western Oregon University and her MA and Ph.D. in Linguistics from Gallaudet University. While living on the east coast for graduate school, she taught linguistic courses at Gallaudet and interpreting courses at the Community College of Baltimore County. She was also very pleased to serve as the Member-at-Large/Director of Community Relations on the board of the Potomac Chapter of RID, where she established round table meetings of representatives from organizations around the DC area to see how they might collaborate to support each other's missions and objectives. In her free time, Healy loves exploring the world with her toddler niece, theater, and playing outdoors on hikes, bikes, and road trips.

Linsday Meyer:

Lindsay is a busy mom, wife, and interpreter in Eugene. While she loves her work in K-12, Lindsay also has experience and very much enjoys working as an interpreter for persons who are Deaf-Blind, as well as performance interpreting. She has been an active member of ORID since she was a student at Western Oregon University, from which she graduated in 2014. Lindsay came to Oregon in 2009 from Michigan, but now the Pac Northwest is home! Spending time with her family, pets, and friends are always high on Lindsay's To-Do List, along with finding new food and adventures nearby. She is always looking to learn more about herself and how to improve her work. Collaboration, communication, and creative thinking make interpreting Lindsay's dream job!

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