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Board Meeting Minutes 09/13/2017

Board Meeting Minutes 9/13/2017 6:00pm-8:00pm Online Meeting   Members present: President: Jenna Curtis Vice President: Audrey Loudenback Treasurer: Jake Sparks Secretary: Tara Troup MAL #1: Christina Healy MAL #2: Laurielle Aviles   Board reports President Region V conference Call for committee chairs is out, screening completed, in acceptance process - several from Oregon applied Considering use of Guidebook app for programing ORID to run registration and name badges More volunteers will be needed for committees in time Trying to connect with new OAD President, Logan Plans to attend OAD’s next meeting Legislative Committee Elisa Maroney and Amanda Smith to represent WOU and will look into licensure across the country Kalen Beck, previous OHSU coordinator, will also be involved A lot of the work ORID does currently ends up being policy work but are lacking the necessary resources to look at and change each individual policy Changing all policies requires a...
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Membership Meeting Minutes 8/25/2017

Membership Meeting Minutes 8/25/2017 5:00p-7:00p Tillamook People’s Utility   Board members in attendance President: Jenna Curtis Vice President: Audrey Loudenback Treasurer: Jake Sparks Secretary: Tara Troup MAL #1: Christina Healy MAL #2: Laurielle Aviles   Approval of spring meeting minutes Minutes should only be voted on by those who were in attendance, otherwise abstain Christina moves to approve the minutes, Tara seconds, passed   Board reports President Board retreat took place 10:00a-3:30p (discussed further below in priorities) Discussed Strength in Unity pledge which the Board signed together and will consciously incorporate those principles in everyday interactions ORID hosted 2 livestream locations for the RID conference spurring in-depth and thoughtful discussions Structure was modified this year with a short presentation then small groups with a facilitator working to develop strategic recommendations Many ideas exchanged that could directly affect ORID and how ORID can better serve the community Region V conference Mish...
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Board Retreat Minutes 08/25/2017

Board Retreat Minutes 8/25/2017 10:00am-3:00pm Tillamook People’s Utility   Members present: President: Jenna Curtis Vice President: Audrey Loudenback Treasurer: Jake Sparks Secretary: Tara Troup MAL #1: Christina Healy MAL #2: Laurielle Aviles   Strength in Unity Pledge Sign together as a Board Principles to be consciously be included in all Board interactions with selves and community Actively engage with people from marginalized communities to gain perspective Listen, learn, and be conscious of our own privilege Be accountable for our learning and show up, regardless of circumstance or praise Remain present through the internal and external discomfort that may result from our commitment Resist ideas that suggest strength is found in self-promotion at the expense of others Avoid identity politics or the dismissal of another’s experience as irrelevant or unimportant Name antagonisms in their many forms and call out oppressive acts, overt and subtle Dismantle the oppressive systems that empower and...
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Board Meeting Minutes 07/17/2017

ORID Board Meeting July 17th 6:00pm-8:00pm Online   Members present: President: Jenna Curtis Vice President: Audrey Loudenback Treasurer: Jake Sparks Secretary: Tara Troup MAL #1: Christina Healy MAL #2: Laurielle Aviles   Board Reports President 3 co-chairs (Paul Glasser (WSRID President), Mish (Region V Rep), and Jenna (ORID President)) Need committee chairs from any region Funding for conference is from the shared Region V bank account and is enough for seed money so begin conference planning Hosting chapters will split profits via point system 1 for each Mish, Jenna, Paul Each committee chair will be given a point Each region also given a point Point system to be shared with membership to be aware of how funding works Currently looking for logo committee Ask Mish if it’s possible to commission a logo Deaf designers a possibility Previously have done a call for logos and there is a prize for 1st,...
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Board Meeting Minutes 06/04/2017

Board Meeting Minutes Online Meeting 6:00p-8:00p   Members present: President: Jenna Curtis Vice President: Andrew Weaver Treasurer: Jake Sparks Secretary: Tara Troup MAL #1: Christina Healy MAL #2: Lori Salus   Board Reports President Livestream Still searching for one more person for the Portland group. Monmouth has 5 and Portland has 4 attendees. Both groups are registered and paid for. Erin and Christina are working on training to become facilitators June 11 for online training Christina to report back about the facilitator training Emails 503-C nonprofit qualifies ORID for free google suite services and can access Microsoft products as well Application submitted and accepted - will be working with Mary (webmaster) to transition the service President email hacked 2 times 2 emails sent to Jake asking for money to be deposited into an account Lag in receiving emails due to forwarding through another system Need to make sure emails are...
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General Meeting Minutes 05/13/2017

Membership Meeting Minutes 5/13/2017 11:00a-1:00p Salem - Broadway Coffeehouse   Board members in attendance President: Jenna Curtis Vice President: Andrew Weaver Treasurer: Jake Sparks Secretary: Tara Troup MAL #1: Christina Healy MAL #2: Lori Salus   To view a recording of the meeting please click the following link: It may take a while to load as it has all the information (slides, chat and video) from the online meeting room.   Housekeeping Approval of minutes from the January Eugene meeting which was held online due to inclement weather Christina Healy: Move to approve the minutes from the January meeting, Andrew Weaver second Vote: 9 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain - Passes   Board Reports President RID national conference Held in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 20-24 New format functioning as a working conference rather than a focus on earning CEUs CASLI (Center for Assessment of Sign Language Interpreters)...
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Board Meeting Minutes 04/20/2017

ORID Board Meeting April 20th, 2017 Online 6:30pm-8:30pm Membership Meeting Agenda (Minutes below) Board Reports (as needed) President Live Stream Application Open Region 5 Conference Survey Out Vice President Secretary Committee reports for membership meeting - filmed? Treasurer ORID-WOU partnership for workshops MAL 1 MAL 2 Nominations update Workshop Membership K-12 Communications Received all committee reports Scholarship and Service Old Business Language Policy for Board Meetings Summer Meeting (Aug 24-25th?) New Business May 13th Membership Meeting Summer Picnic Time for Member Comments Complaints against non-interpreter Adjourn   Board Meeting Minutes Online Meeting   Members present: President: Jenna Curtis Treasurer: Jake Sparks Secretary: Tara Troup MAL #1: Christina Healy MAL #2: Lori Salus   Members Absent: Vice President: Andrew Weaver Board Reports Secretary No requirement to vote to approve previous board meeting minutes Priced notebooks/swag with our logo and currently seems fiscally irresponsible to make that kind of purchase President Live...
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2017 Open Board Nominees

Vice President: Audrey Ramirez-Loudenback   I happily and humbly accept this nomination for Vice President of ORID.   I am a native Oregonian, born and raised in the Portland area. I have lived in Salem for the past 8 years with my husband and two kids. I mainly work in post-secondary settings and some freelance work in the Salem area. I completed my BA in ASL/English interpreting from WOU in 2009 and attained my NIC in 2009. In December of 2015 I completed my MA in Interpreting Studies, in which I wrote a thesis on the topic of Motivational Values of interpreters, which remains a passion of mine. I am deeply passionate about issues of social justice and how they impact our work and interactions with the Deaf community. As Vice President I would commit to giving my time and energy to improving our field and improving our relationship with...

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Board Meeting Minutes 03/23/2017

ORID Board Meeting March 23rd, 2017 Online 7:00pm-9:00pm Membership Meeting Board Reports (as needed) MAL 1 Nominations President OAD meeting with VP Steven Brown re: Licensure HB 3397 ORID Recommendations   Vice President Secretary Career fair update Bylaws updates Treasurer MAL 2 Committee Reports Workshop Membership K-12 Communications Newsletter - Liaisons be in touch with Chairs regarding committee update Scholarship and Service Old Business RID LEAD Conference Slot Vote New Business 2018 Region 5 Conference OR/WA? WSRID supports Vancouver location in summer or early fall of 2018.   Live Streaming RID Conference Monmouth Location - Contact: Erin Trine Portland Location - ? OAD Conference Sponsorship Request Language Policy for Board Meetings Summer Meeting Date? Time for Member Comments Adjourn   Board Meeting Minutes Online Meeting   Members present: President: Jenna Curtis Vice President: Andrew Weaver Treasurer: Jake Sparks Secretary: Tara Troup MAL #1: Christina Healy MAL #2: Lori Salus  ...
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Board Meeting Minutes 02/15/2017

Board Meeting Agenda February 15th 6pm-8pm Board Updates President OHCIA Phone Meeting RID LEAD Conference Slots General Lottery March 1st-31st Lottery registrants will be notified if they were chosen by April 28th ORID must inform RID 30 days before the conference of the names Vice President Deaf Professional Series Update Board Nominations Committee Updates Link to Monthly Reports Request for funding from WOU students for Nicaragua trip Summer retreat date   Board Meeting Minutes Online Meeting   Members present: President: Jenna Curtis Vice President: Andrew Weaver Secretary: Tara Troup Treasurer: Jake Sparks MAL #2: Lori Salus (Joining at 7:00)   Members absent: MAL #1: Christina Healy Intros Jacob and Lynne (senior rep from WOU cohort) joining for meeting   OHCIA (Oregon Health Care Interpreter Association) phone meeting with Austin M. Runs on a grant and will be working to push legislation related to interpreting. Currently there is no certification for...
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WOU Nicaragua Service Learning Trip

The service learning trip to Nicaragua is lead by two seniors from Western Oregon University ASL / English Interpreting program: Tricia Desrosiers, and Jacob Hogan. With the support of two faculty members from WOU's Deaf Studies and Professional Studies division: Dr. Patrick Graham, and Audrey Loudenback. The group also consists of six other students from the DSPS division representing ASL studies, and both the junior and senior interpreting cohorts: Erin Maue, Makenna Billings, Makenna Caccavo, Danielle Kenoyer, Steph Bessinger, and Alissa McAlpine. WOU's DSPS division is dedicated to promoting global learning. So, when Dr. Graham was approached with the request for a service team to travel to Nicaragua, he moved forward with planning the trip and assembling a team. The team began preparations in November of 2016 and the trip will take place between March 23rd 2017 and April 1st 2017. While in country the group will be focused on...
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General Meeting Minutes 01/07/2017

Membership Meeting Minutes 01/07/2017 12:00p-2:00p Online meeting due to inclement weather   Board members in attendance President: Jenna Curtis Vice President: Andrew Weaver Secretary: Tara Troup MAL #1: Christina Healy - in and out due to tech and travel MAL #2: Lori Salus   Board members absent Treasurer: Jake Sparks - Tech issues   Housekeeping The meeting was originally scheduled to be held in Eugene but due to inclement weather around the state is being held fully online for the first time Approval of October membership meeting minutes which are available at Tara moves, Andrew 2nd - passes: 7 yes, 1 abstention, 0 no   Board Reports President Jenna Curtis RID 2017 LEAD Together Conference will he held in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 20-24 50 tickets will be provided to small-group facilitators who will facilitate interactive  discussions during the conference.- facilitator applications are currently open and if...
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General Meeting Video October 2016

Please follow the link below to the full video of the meeting held on October 8, 2016.
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Save the Dates!

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New Board Positions Selected

On Saturday, May 9, Oregon RID held it membership and voting meeting.  At this time new board members were voted in.  Congratulations to the following: Jenna Curtis - President Tara Troupe - Secretary Jake Sparks - Treasurer Christina Healy - Memeber at Large #1   I also want to say thank you to exiting board members: Jessica Van Winkle, Sarah Hill, Lindsay Meyer. Your work and dedication to Oregon RID is commendable.  I appreciate all your efforts in making connections with interpreters, interpreting students and those you encounter in your work.  
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2016 Board Nominations

President: Jenna Curtis: Jenna Curtis is a freelance interpreter in the Portland area, working primarily in post-secondary, business, and community settings. She graduated from the ASL/English Interpreting Program at Western Oregon University and received her RID:NIC in 2011. Jenna has been presenting workshops and training interpreters on the Demand-Control Schema and supervision sessions since 2012. She also coordinates Western Oregon University's Professional Supervision for Interpreting Practice (PSIP) Program, a one year post-graduate program that provides mentoring and supervision for recent graduates entering the field. Jenna believes input from all stakeholders is the foundation of a strong organization. She hopes to facilitate a statewide discussion on professional standards and interpreter education. She would like to see positive change in the Oregon interpreting community, resulting in increased quality of services for Deaf and hard of hearing communities. ( Click here for ASL ) Jessica Van Winkle: Jessica Van Winkle has been an...
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ODEAF Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocacy Training

The training occurs over a weekend in Bend in June.  Please check out the flyer for more information on this training:   ODEAF-Flyer---June-2016-Training-Final-copy-2.pdf
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Hi everyone! Oregon RID has 4 Board positions open.  All positions are 2 year terms.  The following positions are open:  President, Treasurer, and Member at Large #1.  We also have a 1 year vacancy for the Secretary Position.  If you know someone who you think would be great for any of these positions, please send their name(s) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    This is a great opportunity to expand on leadership skills and develop our profession.  Thanks for considering.  
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NAD/RID 2016 Region V Call for proposals

Here's a great opportunity!  It will be an exciting conference, get those proposals in.   RID Region V is hosting our 2016 Region V conference in collaboration with the NAD for their 53rd Biennial NAD conference!. SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL FOR ANY OF THE TRACKS BELOW. Please share far and wide. We look forward to seeing you there! IMAGE DESCRIPTION: There is a montage of photos on the top and bottom of the graphic, all photos show different presenters and audience members at the workshops during  ‪#‎ NAD2014‬ . Main title shows "CALL FOR  ‪#‎ NAD2016‬  WORKSHOPS!" On the lef t column, "WORKSHOP TRACKS: Advancing ASL: Linguistics and Aesthetics, Civil Rights & Legal Advocacy, Education, Employment & Entrepreneurship, Government Employment Training, Health, Inclusion & Intersectionality, Interpreting, State & Local Level Advocacy, Technology - Accessibility & Usability, Additional Areas of Interest. Middle column shows the #NAD2016 poster that has a blue-purple-pink-yellow-orange background,...NAD's photo.
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Letter for Interpreter Quality for Press Briefings

Hello,  Please take a moment and view the letter sent to Governor Kate Brown.  The letter is signed by the president of OAD, Chad Ludwig; Present of RID, Susie Friberg; Interim Executive Director of RID, Anna Witter-Merithew; and the CEO of NAD, Howard Rosenblum: Interpreter-Qualty-for-Press-Briefings---Oregon---October-2015.pdf  
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